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Heritage Watch is crowdfunding! They are looking to raise USD $10,000 to help reprint a series of books to be used as teaching aids for children in Cambodia. The books help to raise awareness about the importance of their heritage and why it is important not to sell them away. Dr Dougald O’Reilly, Heritage Watch’s founder who appears in the video is a personal friend of mine.


Heritage for Kids by Heritage Watch

Heritage for Kids involves developing a series of classes on historic preservation for teachers at primary and secondary schools in Cambodia. Part of the curriculum includes reading and reviewing “Wrath of the Phantom Army” and another of our popular children’s books ‘If the Stones Could Speak’. These books, together with a colouring book and the teacher’s guide, will help educate younger Cambodians about the importance and value of their cultural heritage. In the end, these younger Khmer will not only learn, but perhaps inform the rest of their communities, as well as their own families, on the importance of preserving their heritage.

We are seeking funds not only to reprint Wrath of the Phantom Army in the Cambodian language (Khmer), but also our children’s book and a colouring book. We are seeking support for project implementation as well.

Check out the Kickstarter page here.

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