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More images of the finds from the Nanhai No. 1 wreck have been recovered in the ongoing investigation of the wreck.

Finds from Nanhai No. 1. Source: ECNS 20150215

Finds from Nanhai No. 1. Source: ECNS 20150215

900 porcelain pieces found from shipwreck Nanhai No. 1
ECNS, 15 February 2015

Photo taken on Feb 3, 2015 shows a kettle uncovered from the wrecked ship Nanhai No. 1 at the Maritime Silk Road Museum in Hailing island of Yangjiang, South China’s Guangdong province. The 30-meter-long merchant vessel, built during the Song Dynasty (960-1279), sank off the coast of Guangdong province about 800 years ago. More than 900 pieces of porcelain, about 120 gold items and thousands of silver coins have been uncovered since the excavation began, according to Sun Jian, technical director of the Underwater Cultural Heritage Protection Center of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage. The discovered objects primarily are porcelain from Jingdezhen kiln in Jiangxi province, Dehua kiln in Fujian province and Longquan kiln in Zhejiang province.

More images here.

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One Reply to “Nanhai No. 1 yields over 900 porcelain pieces”

  1. The Peoples Republic of China seems to have taken over the role of the USA [that once was the country where everything was possible]
    The Guandong Museum is fantastic and even more as it keeps the interest going also for the young generation .
    At least it seems to have broken the dogma of ‘preserving everything in Situ’ As if it is the right of the archeological elite to keep everything to themselves.
    Ofcourse I am absolutely against pillage ,but the interest of our young people is very important ,that should not be blocked but kept fully alive .
    I intend to visit the museum at Guandong within a few month .
    Is it possible to meet Mr Zang Wei who is good friend of Mr Hans Eelman at Texel ,Netherland ,where Mr Zang Wei had his first introduction in Underwater Archeology some 25 years ago.
    If you can send this message to Mr Zang Wei ,he will certainly be pleased to hear the Friendly regards from Mr Eelman to him .
    I also have some very interesting technical things to tell him about a development to do successfull salvage in murky water .
    With Respect and kind regards Hendrik de Bloeme ,the Netherlands.

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