Pulau Nangka ‘coins’ probably Majapahit artefacts

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Malacca’s Chief Minister announces that the ‘coins’ found from Pulau Nangka were probably Majapahit amulets. Similar amulets have been found in other sites in Malacca, making its link to the treasure less likely.

Idris Haron: Pulau Nangka relics probably Majapahit amulets, not coins
The Star, 16 May 2014

Artefacts found in Pulau Nangka believed to be Majapahit amulets
The Rakyat Post, 16 May 2014
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Pulau Nangka: Much ado about nothing?

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On the Pulau Nangka trail, nothing new seems to have emerged from the excitement of the previous weeks. These collection of recent articles do not reveal anything new about the hunt.

Pulau Nangka, Pulau Besar and St Paul’s Hill form Sultan’s Treasuries, says expert
The Star, 07 May 2014

Pulau Nangka’s ancient coins planted? [Link no longer active]
Malaysia Chronicle, 06 May 2014

Do not be obsessed with search for hidden treasures- Malacca CM [Link no longer active]
Bernama, via New Straits Times, 06 May 2014

CM: Old coins will be tested [Link no longer active]>
New Straits Time, 03 May 2014
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Pulau Nangka’s ‘hoard’: two coins

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Source: The Star 20140501

Sounding almost too good to be true – which I why I think it isn’t – the salvage company tasked with finding ‘treasure’ on Pulau Nangka reportedly discovered two coins at the very last hour of their operation. Certainly a far cry from the treasure that was promised!

Source: The Star 20140501

Source: The Star 20140501

‘Treasure’ believed from Malacca Sultanate era found on Pulau Nangka
The Star, 01 May 2014

Coins found at site of excavation [Link no longer active]
New Straits Times, 02 May 2014

Ancient coins found in Malacca are historical artifacts [Link no longer active]
New Straits Times, 02 May 2014
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Mystery over African coins in Australia

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Puzzle over Africa coins sheds some light on Aboriginal Rock Art
China Post, 23 August 2013

Solving the mystery of how 900-year-old African coins ended up in remote Australia could not only recast the history of foreign contaxt Down Under, but shed light on Aboriginal rock art.

How the ancient Kilwa coins, believed to date from about A.D. 1100, came to be discovered on the Wessels Islands off the Northern Terriory in 1944 has long posed questions about foreign visits to far off Australian shores.

Source: Puzzle over Africa coins sheds some light on Aboriginal Rock Art | China Post

Linkdump Feb 01-13, 2011

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Here’s a list of archaeology stories from Southeast Asia that I missed out on over the last two weeks. Most prominently has been the eruption of fighting between the military forces of Cambodia and Thailand at the border near Preah Vihear:

Preah Vihear, wikicommons

  • Alison in Cambodia has been keeping tabs on the situation far more competently than I am. Check her posts out here, here and here.
  • 2 die as Thai, Cambodian troops battle at border [AP, via Jakarta Post, 04 Feb 2011]
  • Villagers flee deadly clashes on Thai-Cambodian border [Malaysia Sun, 06 Feb 2011]
  • Thai, Cambodian clashes resume at disputed border [AP, via TodayOnline, 07 Feb 2011]
  • Temple at centre of Thai-Cambodian dispute [AFP, vis SBS, 07 Feb 2011]
  • Call For Preah Vihear Temple To Be Handed To UN [Bernama, 07 Feb 2011]
  • Ancient temple at centre of Thai-Cambodian dispute [AFP, vis MSN Philippines, 07 Feb 2011]
  • The Preah Vihar issue damages not only the temple but also mutual understanding [ETN, 07 Feb 2011]
  • Hindus ask ASEAN to save Shiva temple from further damage in Thai-Cambodia clash [ANI, via Daily India, 08 Feb 2011]
  • Thai-Cambodian border quiet as UNESCO eyes temple visit [AFP, via Channel NewsAsia, 09 Feb 2011
  • Unesco should not send its team to Preah Vihear temple : Thai FM [The Nation, 09 Feb 2011]
  • Cambodia, Thailand to face UN over border dispute [AFP, 09 Feb 2011]
  • Foreign Ministry opposes Unesco temple visit [Bangkok Post, 10 Feb 2011]
  • Historic temple caught in Thai-Cambodia crossfire [WHP TV, 10 Feb 2011]
  • Thailand to urge UNESCO to review Preah Vihear’s World Heritage listing [MCOT, 10 Feb 2011]
  • Cambodia to shun bilateral dialogue [The Nation, 13 Feb 2011]
  • PM: No surprise that Cambodia not attending JBC meeting [MCOT, 13 Feb 2011]
  • UN to meet over Preah Vihear [Phnom Penh Post, 13 Feb 2011]

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Coins and ceramics unearthed during construction works in Malaysia

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Construction works at Terengganu, a state on the eastern part of the Malaysian peninsula have revealed artefacts such as Chinese coins and ceramics. Authorities have stepped in to claim the artefacts, but it appears that some of the construction workers have been quietly selling off some of the artefacts to private collectors already.

Ancient coins and artefacts found in Terengganu’s Chinatown worksite
The Star, 13 January 2010 Read More

Excavations at Trowulan Information Centre ends

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The excavation at the site of the Majapahit Information Centre concluded last week, yielding the discovery of 150,000 fragments (?) and 60,000 Chinese coins (periods not specified). The haul of Chinese cash has been interpreted as th existence of trade and diplomatic relations between China and Majapahit, but I think it’s important to note that Chinese coinage is found just about everywhere in Southeast Asia – it could have been accepted as some sort of universal currrency, similar to how the US dollar is accepted in most parts of SEA today.

Ratusan Ribu Peninggalan Majapahit Ditemukan
Kompas.com, 22 November 2009
Translation via Google Translate
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