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Indonesia has an enormous variety of megalithic sites found throughout the archipelago. This feature from Global Indonesian Voices highlights some of them.

Megalithic Sites in Indonesia
Global Indonesian Voices, 09 November 2014

Do you know what megalithic sites are? Derived from a Greek word, ‘mega’ means big and ‘lithos’ means stone. Hence megalithic sites are structures made from large stones. The world has many of these unique structures found at different places around the globe. The origins of these structures are largely unclear. Some were left behind from natural occurrences, some were men-made for burial grounds or religious purposes. The most commonly recognized megalithic site is the Stonehenge in England. These mysterious structure intrigues human thoughts and speaks for the skills of our ancestors, who built structures that have lasted for thousands of years.

There are a couple of exciting megalithic sites you would come across in Indonesia as well. Wondering where you could find them? You can find these structures in Nias in North Sumatra, Sumba Island in East Nusa Tenggara, the Toraja heritage in South Sulawesi and the Batak heritage in North Sumatra.

Full story here.

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