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At the request of Myanmar’s department of archaeology, Thailand will assist in the development and management of the Pyu Cities World Heritage Site, based on Thailand’s experience with Sukhothai and Ayutthaya.

Pyu. Source: The Irrawaddy 20140829

Pyu. Source: The Irrawaddy 20140829

Thailand to Help Burma Conserve Ancient Cities
The Irrawaddy, 29 August 2014

Thailand will help Burma improve the landscapes of the Pyu ancient cities, the first sites in the country to receive Unesco World Heritage status earlier this year.

A representative of Thailand’s Ministry of Culture met with Burma’s deputy minister of culture in Naypyidaw on Aug. 22, agreeing to work together to manage and conserve the three ancient cities of Sri Ksetra, Halin and Beikthano in central Burma.

“We have seen that Thailand has successfully conserved its ancient city, Ayothaya,” said a spokesman from Burma’s Archeology Department, under the Ministry of Culture. “So we asked them to cooperate with us, and to help draw landscape designs for our Pyu ancient cities.”

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