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Tham Phrayanaga/Viking Cave

Stories by Alex is a video series featuring ancient civilisations around the world. In this episode, he visits Tham Phrayanaga or Viking Cave in southern Thailand, a rock art site with depictions of ships from many different cultures and highlights the vibrant maritime silk route in Southeast Asia. I have previously worked at this site before with Atthasit Sukkham, one of the people featured in this video. The Viking Cave is not normally open to public, so it’s a great way to see the site!

Tham Phrayanaga/Viking Cave

Tham Phrayanaga/Viking Cave

[youtube gBwmBCJzNJs]

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  1. Hi! Great article! I was just wondering if you have any articles on the rock art at Chaturbhujnath Nala? Would love to read anything you have on it.

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