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A travel piece about the Tabon Caves in Palawan Island, the Philippines

Entrance to the Tabon Caves. Source: GMA News 20140614

Entrance to the Tabon Caves. Source: GMA News 20140614

The Tabon Caves: A little pocket of frozen time
GMA News, 14 June 2014

One of the things I won’t forget was when they told us about the cave once used as a home and burial site for the ancient inhabitants of the Philippines. They say it’s a legend, for that cave was an island before, discovered in 1962 by an American anthropologist named Dr. Robert B. Fox. Together with his team of archaeologists, they found the “Cradle of Civilization” of the Philippines, the Tabon Cave Complex.

Tabon Cave is a 138-hectare cave facing the South China Sea, located at the Lipuun Point of Quezon, Palawan. It is alleged to have 215 caves inside, though only 29 of these have been fully explored. And for us to reach the said cave, we needed to spend 30 to 40 minute bangka ride from Quezon pier.

Full story here.

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