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A list of a few more news stories that have come about from my recent paper on the Hidden Paintings of Angkor Wat.

ANU researcher discovers hundreds of lost paintings at Angkor Wat
Canberra Times, 04 June 2014

Las pinturas ocultas de Angkor Wat
National Geographic EspaƱa, 04 June 2014

Australian Researcher Finds Hidden Paintings In The Walls Of Ancient Angkor Wat
Business Insider, 04 June 2014
*Note: This article in incorrect. I am not Australian.

Five-Hundred-Year-Old Paintings Rediscovered In Angkor Wat Temple
Red Orbit, 04 June 2014

Finding the lost art of Angkor Wat: Paintings hidden for 500 years
Science Daily, 04 June 2014

500-Year-Old Wall Paintings Found in Angkor Wat, 05 June 2014

Angkor Wat’s hidden gems discovered by ANU researcher
ABC Radio, 06 June 2014

Hidden Angkor Wat images rediscovered by Australian-Cambodian research team
ABC, 06 June 2014

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