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‘Secrets of the Ancient Malay Manuscripts’ features some of the most significant Malay manuscripts in the world.

Legacy of the Malay manuscripts
New Straits Times, 04 May 2014

The knowledge and wisdom preserved in the ancient Malay manuscripts are astounding, and the manuscripts themselves are priceless works of art, writes Ninotaziz

The Malay Manuscripts are hand-written records from the 16th Century, or even earlier, produced by the royal scribes of the Malay Sultanates. These were works of exquisite beauty and are priceless. Among the most famous works are the Sulalatus Sulatin and Hikayat Hang Tuah, both recognised by Unesco today as Masterpieces of the World and are kept as a heritage legacy of Malaysia.

These national treasures often resulted from the Sultan’s desire to record his lineage and legacy to the people so that his “anak cucu” or descendents could learn of his roots, or palace protocol. They represent a highly advanced culture of rich literature, heritage and cosmopolitan life centuries ago. They encapsulate the psyche and intrinsic values of our people. Therefore, they hold the key to understanding our ancient world and history. This could have immense value to the development of the national culture and pride, in particular, to our nation-building.

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