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Source: The Irrawady 20140326

Sources say that the excavation of what is thought to be the tomb of an Ayutthaya king in Myanmar may resume soon.

Source: The Irrawady 20140326

Source: The Irrawady 20140326

Joint Thai-Burmese Study Slated for Siamese King’s Mandalay Tomb
The Irrawady, 26 March 2014

The Burmese and Thai cultural ministries are likely to jointly carry out a formal study of Siamese King Uthumphon’s tomb, located near the city of Mandalay in upper Burma, according to a source involved in excavation work at the site.

Excavation of the former Thai king’s final resting place began in February 2013 at Linzin Hill, a site situated on the edge of the famous Taungthaman Lake in Mandalay Division’s Amarapura Township.

But in late February of this year, a delegation from the Thai Ministry of Culture (TMC) traveled to the worksite to inspect the excavation efforts. Following the visit, the ministry held a press conference in Bangkok, where officials indicated they could not support the ongoing research of the excavation team, saying the TMC’s blessing was contingent on a crosscheck of the site’s historical records with its Burmese counterpart.

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