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The search for the tomb of Thai King Uthomporn in Myanmar’s Amarupura has recently been suspended, but the excavation team is hopeful that work can resume soon.

Royal tomb project ‘to go ahead’
The Nation, 21 March 2014

Although Myanmar’s Culture Ministry and the Mandalay regional government have suspended the excavation of Siamese King Uthomporn’s tomb in Linzingon Cemetery in Amarapura, the excavation team, said firmly yesterday that the project would go on whenever Myanmar allows restoration of the memorial monument and historical park.

“The Culture Ministry asked us temporarily to stop all projects related to the excavation and we need the cooperation of the governments of the two countries,” Mickey Heart, a veteran Myanmar architect and historian who founded the Yethaphanwint Association of Myanmar-Thai Relationship, said at the office of the Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage in Bangkok.

The lack of authority of Thailand’s caretaker government to approve the mega-project and the uncertain political situation may put it on hold for a year.

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