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Not of the artifact-looting sort. A feature on the Stone Hunters Group, a group of heritage/history enthusiasts who spend their free time searching for and exploring ruins in Java.

Searching for relics amid the hills
Jakarta Post, 24 April 2012

Members of Gerombolan Pemburu Batu (Bol Brutu) or the Stone Hunters Group, explorers of archeological relics and historical sites, reached Candi Ijo in Prambanan, 25 kilometers east of Yogyakarta, on one bright Sunday morning.

Perched on a hill at an altitude of 350 meters, Candi Ijo is the highest temple in the region, and is comprised of a main temple and three perwara (ancillary) buildings.

In the temple yard, over a dozen “stone hunters” had gathered and were chatting. Some began to study the structures believed to date back to the ninth century AD.

Full story here.

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