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A team from India working at Ta Prohm have discovered half a gold crown during excavations.

Gold crown discovered at Ta Prohm temple
DAP news, via KI Media, 19 March 2012

A gold crown that was discovered by an Indian working group in cooperation with Cambodia on 19 March 2012 is now well preserved. Currently, a technical group is looking at it.

Bun Narith, the deputy-director of the Apsara authority, told DAP on 21 March 2012 that the half gold crown found by accident by an Indian group repairing Ta Prohm temple was buried in the ground, under temple stones. It is located at the larger perimeter of the temple and it is currently preserved in safety.

He added that the golden crown is currently being examined by a technical team to determine its age. “This valuable crown has been safely preserved because we are concerned that this valuable object may be lost one way of another.”

Full story here.

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