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The Philippine National Museum authenticated the find of porcelain pieces from an 18th century Chinese vessel found in the Roxas City sea. Unfortunately, it looks as if the shipwreck has already been looted and little remains.

18th century Chinese vessel discovered in Roxas City, 03 March 2012

The National Museum validated the recovery of an 18th century Chinese Merchant Vessel in the Roxas City sea, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) said Saturday.

Junior Grade Jimmy Oliver Gingno, station commander of PCG- Roxas told local media Saturday that he received the report of the National Museum.

“Personnel from the National Museum conducted an exploration in the sea in February. They validated the findings on the broken porcelains found inside the vessel as antique,” said Gingno.

The PCG however expressed disappointment since there were no artifacts found in the said vessel when it was discovered. PCG officials believed the artifacts may have already been taken away by divers who discovered the existence of the vessel earlier.

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