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VIVAnews has an interview with Stephen Oppenheimer about the themes of his book Eden in the East and the alleged pyramid on Mt Sadahurip.

Prof. Stephen Oppenheimer, VIVAnews 20120215

Prof. Stephen Oppenheimer, VIVAnews 20120215

On Pyramid, Geological Study Required
VIVAnews, 14 Feb 2012

How do you see the findings concluded by the Ancient Catasthropic Disaster Team on the alleged pyramid structure in Indonesia?
The most important thing is to find out whether the pyramid is a monument or geological structure. Because, earlier, it turns out that Yonaguni is not a monument. It’s a geological structure. So, it’s a natural rock formation. But maybe there’s a modification on the top of it. Yonaguni is an example of a geological structure that looks like a monument. But it’s not a monument.

Is it final to say that the ‘pyramid’ is a geological structure?
I read about it. I’m not a geologist. There’s a geologist who is interested. He went there for diving (to confirm it).

Did you mention it in your book?
Yes. When my book was going to the press in 1998, the pictures of Yonaguni came out. My publisher said, “put them in”. If you read the English edition, you will see manmade modification by man or geological structure.
So, you must understand scientific quotation for dismissal. I’m not saying I don’t believe in it. I’m saying I need more evidence before I can make any comment.

Full story here.

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