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A presidential-sanctioned group named the Prehistoric Catastrophic Disaster Research Team is claiming that the megaliths on top of Mount Padang in West Java are in fact part of a larger structure buried 18 metres below ground. Some of the claims made here by the scientists seem to be very sensational, and not all too factually correct – such as the claim that the structure dates to 4,000 years old and therefore older than the pyramids of Giza. The pyramids of Giza were built in the mid-third millennium BCE, which make them older than 4000 years. This same group is linked with the alleged pyramid at Mount Sadahurip. I wonder what’s with the fixation on the pyramids?

‘Iconic ancient structures might be found’
Jakarta Post, 08 February 2012

A government official and a group of local scientists claimed another discovery in Indonesia that they said might alter the archipelago’s history as we know it.

President-sanctioned researchers from the Prehistoric Catastrophic Disaster Research Team said on Tuesday, during a discussion, that the Mount Padang site in Cianjur, West Java, might be just the tip of a bigger structure buried underneath.

“What we thought was that the 1- and 5-meter stacks of stones on the surface were from the megalithic period, but apparently that is not so — it is a very amazing structure,” team member Danny Hilman said.

The team is under the coordination of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s special staff for disaster mitigation and social assistance Andi Arief.

Full story here.

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  1. I’d like to offer you a twist:
    I’ve been looking again, and again at the pictures which i shot of Chandi Sukkoh, and it looks more and more like a Ziggurat of Iranian Origin, and NOT of Hinduism…

    What are your thoughts?

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