Three fifteenth-century Majapahit statues go missing in Sragen, East Java. The story underlines the lack of resources and the prevalence of theft of such artefacts in Indonesia.

Majapahit Artifacts Go Missing In Sragen
Jakarta Globe, 04 February 2012

In a country full of ancient sites with precious items, the loss of three 15th century Majapahit-era statues in Sragen, East Java, has spurred criticism from civil society groups over the consequences of government inattention for such national treasures.

The three Hindu statues had been missing for several days before some locals, who in the absence of any official presence have long taken it upon themselves to guard the Sragen site, realized they had disappeared.

“We don’t have formal security personnel to guard the site. Some of us voluntarily patrol the area,” said Agus Widoyo, one of the locals who frequently guards the site, which is located at the Ngunut water spring complex in Sragen’s Jetis village.

Full story here.

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