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The authorities have cracked down on souvenirs sold in Angkor that are thought to be disrespectful, including Angkor Wat shaped ashtrays. The headline of the article suggests that smoking may have also been banned in the park, but no mention was made of it in the body. Can anyone confirm?

No smoking in, or on, temples
Phnom Penh Post, 30 December 2011

APSARA authorities yesterday confirmed a crackdown on certain Angkor Wat souvenirs being sold inside the archaeological complex that they say are denigrating the World Heritage site, as well as selling practices that they say are irritating tourists.

Prom Karona, director of the Apsara Authority’s Public Order and Co-operation Department, told the Post yesterday that vendors would no longer be able to sell Angkor Wat-inscribed ashtrays or drinking glasses that contained a sketching of the temple at the bottom of the glass.

Full story here.

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