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Reconstruction work at the Baphuon, an 11th-century pyramidial temple in Angkor Thom have finally been completed, after 50 years of work. The temple was reopened in a ceremony earlier this month.

Baphuon reconstruction
photo credit: sweet_redbird

Cambodia completes Angkor temple renovation ‘puzzle’
BBC, 03 July 2011

Fabled Cambodian ‘puzzle’ temple reopens to public
AFP, via The Straits Times, 03 July 2011

Cambodian ‘puzzle’ temple reopens after 50 years
Bangkok Post, 03 July 2011

Solved puzzle reveals fabled Cambodian temple
AFP, via The Independent, 03 July 2011

An ancient Angkor temple has re-opened in Cambodia following decades of reconstruction work – a task described as the world’s largest puzzle.

The work has involved taking apart the Baphuon monument’s 300,000 sandstone blocks and piecing them back together.

The project began in the 1960s but was interrupted by Cambodia’s civil war, and restarted in the mid-1990s.

The 11th-Century three-tier tower is part of the Angkor complex which draws two million tourists a year.

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