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The remains of a preserved body, recovered from an archaeological site 17 years ago is on display at the Vietnamese History Museum in Ho Chi Minh City. The mummy is of a female, 60 years old at time of death, and is over a hundred years old. (Warning: link has images of the actual body, which may be discomforting for some readers).

Vietnamese History Museum, Vietnam Net Bridge 20110608

The secret of mummy at Vietnam History Museum
Vietnam Net Bridge, 08 June 2011

A mummy of over 100 years old is now preserved and displayed at the HCM City-based Vietnam History Museum.

This mummy was discovered over 17 years ago by Vietnamese archaeologists while excavating a tomb with two coffins in Cui village in Ward 8, District 5 in HCM City.

The tomb was built firmly, using coral powder as quicklime, sand, treacle and active coal. It contained two coffins. One had an intact body of woman of around 60 years old, 1.52m height. The body was rolled in many layers of cloth and covered by a strange solution in red brown color. The other coffin contained a male body, but only some bones and items were left.

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