Fresh fighting between Thai and Cambodian forces

Another firefight between Cambodian and Thai forces broke out today at another disputed border temple, Ta Krabey. Reports of casualties and deaths sustained on both sides.

Thailand and Cambodia in fresh border clash
BBC, 22 April 2011

New border clash kills 4 Thai soldiers
Bangkok Post, 22 April 2011

New fighting at border
Phnom Penh Post, 22 April 2011

At least six soldiers are reported to have been killed and several wounded in fighting between Cambodia and Thailand over their long-disputed border.

The clashes erupted near Ta Krabey temple, which both sides claim. More than 5,000 local people are to be evacuated, officials say.

It is the worst incident since at least 10 people were killed in clashes at another disputed temple in February.

Until Friday, an informal truce had appeared to be holding.

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Author: Noel Tan

Dr Noel Hidalgo Tan is the Senior Specialist in Archaeology at SEAMEO-SPAFA, the Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Archaelogy and Fine Arts.

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