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A pile of bricks in a village in East Java may very well be the remains of a Hindu temple from the Majapahit period (15th-16th century).

Pile of Bricks in Bojonegoro Presumed to be Ancient Hindu Temple
Tempo Interaktif, 15 December 2010

A pile of old red bricks discovered in the tourist destination of Kayangan Api of Sendangharjo Village in Ngasem Sub-districts of Bojonegoro, East Java, is presumed to be the ruins of a temple from the Majapahit era, around the 1400-1500. The archaeological team from the University of Indonesia, which spent six days excavating the site, said that they recognized the temple’s characteristics from its structure and surrounding area.

Archeologist Ali Akbar is convinced that the temple was used to honor the god Agni or fire god because it is located near a natural fire source. “This could be the only one in Java,” he said. He suggested continuing the research because the excavation only covered an area of 25 square meters.

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