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‘Ruins’ found in Makassar were determined to be a well used in the 1950s, with the earthenware found at the site thought to be fairly recent rather than ancient.

Findings in Somba Opu is not Ancient Artifact
Tempo Interaktif, 17 December 2010

Syahrawi, an executive with the Makassar Antiquities and Relics Conservation Agency (BP3), has confirmed that ruins found at the Somba Opu construction site are not old pieces. “They are remnants of a well often used by local people,” Syahrawi said at Somba Opu port yesterday.

Syahrawi and BP3 staff examined the ruins, which were initially presumed to have historical value. The objects initially assumed to be ancient earthenware was found under water.

The BP3 team discontinued the excavation, concluding that the ruins were used by the people in Makassar during the 1950s. The initial assumption that this was old relics will be further studied.

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