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The Institute for the Preservation of Archaeological Heritage overseeing the construction of the museum at the Majapahit Infomation Centre in Trowulan, East Java reports that the construction is on schedule and construction of Sector A will be completed by Christmas this year. The original article is in Bahasa Indonesia, so I’m a little unsure about the figures quoted – a USD$4 billion bill for each of the four sectors of construction?

Museum Situs Kerajaan Majapahit Dibangun Kembali
Tempointeraktif, 28 November 2010
In Bahasa Indonesia, translated with Google Translate

Institute for Preservation of Archaeological Heritage (BP3) Trowulan, Mojokerto regency, East Java, to this day continue to reconstruct the museum bang out the excavation site of the Majapahit Kingdom excavation team at the Information Center of Majapahit.

According to the Head of Aris Sofiani, construction of which began two weeks ago it is an early stage. “The construction scheduled for completion December 25, 2010,” he said when contacted TEMPO, Sunday (28/11).

Explained, in the area of PIM in fact there are four sectors excavation site, the sector A, B, C and D. Of these four sectors, this year completed the construction sector A. Other sectors will be done next year. Aris estimated total budget for each sector builders around USD 4 billion.

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