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Another article on the destruction of archaeological sites of Mrauk U in Western Myanmar. There is also a photo gallery of the destruction of sites in Narinjara, and it is reported that the construction company has been very sensitive to people taking photos and videos of the site.

Laung Bwan Brauk Pagoda - image from

Mrauk U Pagodas Damaged by Railroad Construction
The Irrawady, 24 November 2010

Destruction of Mrauk U sites, 7 November 2010
(gallery may be time sensitive)

The on-going construction of the Sittwe-Amm-Minbu railroad is damaging important cultural heritage sites in Mrauk U, a well-known site of ancient pagodas and buildings in Arakan State, according to concerned local residents.

“Although we have called for an end to this project, they haven’t complied,” a Mrauk U resident told The Irrawaddy. He said damage to some pagodas has been covered over with earth. The railroad construction started on Nov. 7.

The construction project has resulted in damage or destruction of ancient pagodas, stupas, walls, strongholds, religious libraries, moats, and city walls, said local sources.

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