More on the destruction of Mrauk U

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Another article on the destruction of archaeological sites of Mrauk U in Western Myanmar. There is also a photo gallery of the destruction of sites in Narinjara, and it is reported that the construction company has been very sensitive to people taking photos and videos of the site.

Laung Bwan Brauk Pagoda - image from

Mrauk U Pagodas Damaged by Railroad Construction
The Irrawady, 24 November 2010

Destruction of Mrauk U sites, 7 November 2010
(gallery may be time sensitive)
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Railway project destroys archaeological sites at Mrauk U

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Archaeological sites and buildings at the Arakanese city of Mrauk U are being destroyed to make way for a railway line that cuts through the city’s main archaeological zone. So far, there has been little response by the central government to appeals by local politicians and monks. [Thanks to Dr Pamela Gutman for the news]

Andaw Thein in Mrauk U. CC image.

Archaeological Sites Bulldozed for Railroad Construction in Arakan, 18 November 2010

Anger at ‘destructive’ railway project
Democratic Voice of Burma, 18 November 2010
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Kota artifact part of old railway structure: Expert

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19 December 2006 (Jakarta Post) – Underground structure found in Old Jakarta might be part of an old Dutch railway structure.

Kota artifact part of old railway structure: Expert

An underground structure found by workers while digging a pedestrian tunnel in Jakarta’s Old Town district might have been part of the foundation for an old railway structure from the 19th century, a recent analysis reveals.

“We have compared old maps of the area and found that in the 1800s, there were three railway tracks intersecting at that point (where the structure was found),” tunnel project structural expert Josia Irwan Rastandi said.

The old map reveals that after the southern city fortress wall was demolished, the Dutch built two railway tracks running east to west and a tram track running north to south.