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The local government of Rembang, in Central Java, releases funds to acquire land where an ancient ship was found, with the intent to build a maritime museum at a later time. The ship dates to the 7th century and is almost intact.

Government Releases Land of Ancient Site
Tempointeraktif, 15 November 2010

The Rembang government has allocated Rp340 million from the 2011 Regional Budget to release the site of an ancient ship in Punjulharjo Village. “Later, we will build a maritime museum there,” said Budiyono, the Rembang Culture, Tourism, Youth, and Sports Office chief in charge of Information and Promotion, yesterday.

The Yogyakarta Archeology Agency Chief, Siswanto, said for the time being, the ship will stay in its location to avoid damage. “The pond water is good in resisting decay,” he said.

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