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Readers in Singapore might be interested in catching this lecture by Daniel Perret from EFEO, which deals with India-Southeast Asia interactions – without the lenses of Indianisation or trade. Registration is required.

Non-traders from South Asia in the Malay World (end of 13th – end of 17th century)
Asian Civilisations Museum
09 November, 7-8.30pm
Details and registration here.
The occurrence of sea travels and migrations from South Asia towards the Malay world is documented through at least the last two millennia. Until now, two major themes have dominated the historiography of the early interactions between these two regions, namely Indianisation and trade. This lecture presents the initial phase of a research on another aspect of these interactions, since it involves non-traders of South Asia who visited and sometimes settled in the Malay world. Contrary to the near silence of the South Asian sources on this issue, European archives, travel reports, numerous and recent historical studies on the sultanates of Samudra-Pasai, Melaka, Aceh and Banten may help to get a clearer vision of the place and role of these individuals and communities in the history of the region.

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