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Scientists examining 3,000-year-old rice grains recovered from an archaeological site earlier this year have successfully sprouted them and found them to be similar to a currently-growing variety.

3,000 year old rice current variety
Vietnam Net Bridge, 03 September 2010

Rice grains, supposed to date back to about 3,000 years ago at Den Citadel relic site in Hanoi’s Me Linh District, are in fact a current rice variety, scientists said at a seminar held by the Agricultural Genetics Institute on Tuesday.

AND analysis indicates that the rice grains are completely similar with Khang Dan, a current rice variety, said Dr. Luu Minh Cuc from the institute.

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One Reply to “'Ancient' rice is a current variety”

  1. Interesting that they have got it to sprout.
    What’s the latest age for the Borneo rice, e.g. Gua Sireh? Is it still dated from 2300BC (Nature 1995).

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