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The Spirit of Majapahit is another ship replica recreating the maritime trade routes from Southeast Asia. The ship, built in Madura, is a joint project between Japan and Indonesia. (Article is in Bahasa Indonesia, but I’ve added a link on Google Translate).

Spirit of Majapahit, the replica 13th Century Ship Made Craftsman Madura [Link no longer available]
JPNN, 06 July 2010
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Batavia Marina Wharf, Port of Sunda Kelapa, North Jakarta, last Sunday was crowded full of people. They gathered around a wooden boat “parking lot” among dozens of modern fishing ships passing in the port area.

Ship 20 tons of dead weight it was designed like a traditional fishing boat. Bodinya original framework and allowed to dark brown, without paint. Conditions that may be intended that the vessel is similar to the original made in the 13th century.

That ship Spirit of Majapahit, the day would set sail for Japan and seven other countries. Minister of Culture and Tourism (Menbudpar) Jero Wacik who led the inaugural release of the cruise ship did not stop clucking in admiration. He and the officials then climbed the deck and watched the entire rest of the ship’s traditional-modern.

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