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The Malaysian Tourism Board promotes the Bujang Valley complex on a press release posted on their website, containing information of the various candi (temples) at the site and ways to get there.

The Ancient Kingdom of Bujang Valley
Tourism Malaysia, 30 April 2010

Bujang Valley which spreads over 450 square kilometers was the centre for international trade and shipping passing through the Straits of Melaka. It stretched from Mount Jerai in the north to the Muda River in the south and the Straits of Melaka in the west.

It was the imposing peak of Mount Jerai that first captivated the travel weary traders from the Far East to anchor at Bujang Valley. After travelling for months in the high seas, the 1,217 metre Mount Jerai must have been a welcoming sight for the seafarers.

By the 7th century, Bujang Valley had evolved into a flourishing entrepot. It was also the first port in Southeast Asia – via its sea route – to link an alternative route to East and West Asia. This route was known as the Spice Route. It offered an alternative to the Silk Road, which connected Chinese and Far East traders by land. The valley continued to prosper until the emergence of the Sultanate of Malacca in the early 15th century.

Now, what remains of their once magnificent empire can be found in the candi or temple ruins that dot this sprawling historical complex.

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