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Alison shares this spectacular 2000-year-old dog burial excavated in Ban Non Wat earlier in the year. “Sampson” was uncovered by a team from James Cook University and goes to show that dogs have been man’s best friend for a long time coming! Alison also posts her observations on the dog burial here.

Lovely Bones
JCNN, April 2010

Every dog has its day – even if it has to wait 2000 years for it! That’s how long it took to discover the bones of suspected wolfhound Sampson, whose remains were recently uncovered at a dig site in Ban Non Wat, north-east Thailand.

“The first thing we noticed about it was the size. It stood a bit less than a metre,” says Allison Isepy, who found Sampson’s bones together with fellow James Cook University student Belinda Duke. “It’s a very tall dog – probably a wolfhound.”

Isepy says she’s only briefly analysed Sampson’s bones but believes he died of natural causes and estimates his age to be about six. She’ll be returning to Thailand in the June semester break to continue her analysis and conduct a comparative study of other dog bones found on-site.

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