The heads of six 17th century Buddha heads were stolen from a temple in Thailand’s Lopburi province.

photo credit: ELMASTUDIO

Six Buddha heads stolen from temple
Bangkok Post, 23 October 2009

Robbers have cut off and stolen the heads of six Buddha images more than three centuries old from a temple in Lop Buri’s Muang district,

The oldest of the six Buddha images was believed to have been shaped and placed at Wat Luang Thai Talad in 1683, according to Pol Lt Col Arongdet Sa-ardbua, who is heading the investigation into the thefts.

All of the images were carved between the late Ayutthaya period and the early Rattanakosin period, Pol Lt Col Arongdet said.

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3 Replies to “Buddha heads stolen from Lopburi temple”

  1. It is kind of crazy; the things that people are doing these days. I couldn’t understand who would do this kind of things. Could this be some works by extremist again or perhaps by some crazy collectors.

  2. Thank you Noel for taking the time to put my blog up on yesterday.sg Actually it’s the first time I noticed your website name so I decided to write.

    You have beautiful, interesting and informative postings so I hope this comment page would be proper for me to leave a reply? It must be exciting to be an archeologist?

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