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A new museum is planned for the regency of Malang in Java to house and protect its archaeological and cultural treasures. The museum is slated to be built in the Singhasari Temple archaeological compound.

Malang to build museum
Jakarta Post, 12 October 2009

In a bid to help preserve local arts and culture, the regency administration of Malang is to build a museum on a plot of 1,000 square meters at the Singhasari Temple archeological compound in Klampok subdistrict, Singosari district.

Head of the regency’s culture and tourism agency, Purnadi, said recently the planned development of the museum is meant as a long term measure especially following the disappearance of numerous high-value art and cultural artifacts.

“We used to have numerous artifacts of high value before the region was divided into the Malang regency and municipality. They all have gone now,” Purnadi said.

He added that lack of a museum had caused the regency administration to ask the Kesambon Police to look after and keep an ancient stone statue of the Singhasari Kingdom.

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