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Gapura Bajang Ratu is one of the many structures that form part of the Majapahit ruins in Trowulan. I’m pretty sure ‘Gapura’ is a Javanised translation of the word Gopura, which refers to the entrance gateway to South Indian-style temples.

Bajang Ratu: A sight from the past
Jakarta Post, 24 July 2009

Gapura Bajang Ratu, an ancient gateway dating back to the Majapahit era, emanates a captivating charm.

Unlike other historical monuments in Trowulan that stand dignified at soaring heights of more than 20 meters, Bajang Ratu is just 16.5 meters tall.

But what it lacks in grandeur it makes up for in grace. Its slender body is topped with a tiered roof, tapering to some 8 meters, giving it an impression of elegance and exoticism.

The gate’s foot has wings adorned with intricate fillets and beautifully crafted relief panels.

Viewed from the driveway, the elegant historical gateway, constructed of brick, reflects distinctive East Java temple architecture.

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