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Following this week’s furore over the light fixtures at Angkor Wat, the Cambodian govenrment has sued the president of the Khmer Civilisation Foundation for spreading false information about the nature of the fixtures. The government and the custodian Apsara Authority maintain that the lights were installed into existing nooks and no drilling was done.

Let there be light at Angkor
Phnom Penh Post, 05 June 2009

The Cambodian government sued Moeung Sonn, the president of the Khmer Civilisation Foundation (KCF), for false information and inciting the public on Tuesday for his comments about new light fixtures at Angkor Wat.

Moeung Sonn told the Post last week that workers installing new lights at the 12th-century temple had drilled holes deep into the structure’s walls.

Recent photos of Angkor show lights placed in recesses at regular intervals, worrying visitors that the nooks had been carved out specifically for the devices.

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