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Prof Mike Morwood of the Wollongong University is giving this year’s Mulvaney Lecture at the Australian National University. He led the team that was responsible for the discovery of the Indonesian hobbit, or Homo Floresiensis.

2009 Mulvaney Lecture – Hobbits in Context: Hominin Biogeography in Island South East Asia
Lecture Theatre 1, Manning Clark Centre, Building 26a, Union Court
Australian National University, Canberra
Wednesday, 13 May 2009
7.30 pm

Finding evidence for a tiny, new species of human on the island of Flores in Indonesia was unexpected, but no more so than evidence for hominins on the island by 880,000 years ago. This lecture will explain why, with reference to the dispersal and evolutionary histories of other terrestrial animals in island Southeast Asia. It will conclude with some of the implications for early hominin and modern human biogeography in the region.

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