And now, your weekly dose of archaeological snippets taken from the blogosphere.
2008-09-12 Borobudur 1
photo credit: zhaffsky

  • The Heritage of Cebu blog reports of an archaeological excavation currently underway in the old Spanish centre of Argao, in Cebu, Philippines.
  • How many archaeological sites are there in Cambodia? Andy discovers that there are more than 4,000 – and they’re all registered thanks to an ambitious project by Bruno Bruguier.
  • The ASEAN travel blog features the cave temple of Myin-ma-hti in Myanmar, which dates as far back as AD 17.
  • Popular Singaporean blogger Mr Brown posts a video tour from his recent visit to Borobudur.

In this series of weekly (at least, it tries to be weekly) rojaks (published on Wednesdays) I’ll feature other sites in the blogosphere that are related to archaeology in Southeast Asia. Got a recommendation for the next Wednesday rojak? Email me!

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