Archaeologists working to excavate the remains of the ancient Kediri kingdom in East Java have discovered what seems to be the foundation of a temple or altar space. The finds are promising, but the team has another couple of weeks before they run out of funding – one of the common occupational hazards in this line of work!

Archeologists Find More Ancient Ritual Sites in Babadan
Tempo Interaktif, 31 October 2008

The excavation in Babadan village, Kediri, East Java has again been successful. After the discovery of six ancient relics, a Chinese coin, and a temple foundation, the team of archeologists found what looks like an altar and ancient ritual site used for offerings.

Suryati and the other archeologists are facing a great challenge to confirm their predictions. With only two weeks left, they admitted pessimism. Lack of excavation funds is said to be the main impediment.

“The Kediri administration only allocated Rp 20 million subsidy, in reimbursement,” lamented Suryati. “If only the government paid more attention, this is a discovery of importance and significance.”

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