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From the Palembang Centre for Archaeology:

It is the general assumption that Srivijaya was an powerful maritime kingdom that played an important role in the political forum in early Southeast Asia for many centuries, from 7th century to the end of 13th century AD. Just as its sudden appearance not very much is known of its decline, for that matter, the extent of this hegemony especially in Insular Southeast Asia during the height of its power. It influenced many social aspects in the region at that time, such as history of political life, beliefs, culture and economy.

The remains of Srivijaya civilization, tangible or intangible are still found up to now in many sites in South East Asia countries. The researched about Sriwijaya is being conducted in each country until nowadays, and it was come out with a long term polemic about the center of this huge kingdom.
Several sites were presumed as a center of Srivijaya Kingdom and its supported with many written sources and archaeological evidences, such as Palembang and Jambi in South Sumatera Indonesia, Ligor in Malaysia, and Chaiya in Thailand.

With this as background sholars are not agreement as to the location of the site (s) of Srivijaya. Until the last seminar (1985) Seameo Project in Archaeology and Fine Arts (SPAFA), it is still confusion in the construction of the center of activities of the kingdom. There are many places and regions that claim to be the center of Srivijaya.

The present Seminar on Srivijaya Civilization will be present the followings objectives as guidelines for drawing up the development for research projects on this important period of Southeast Asian History.


1) To give information of the last decade years researches on Srivijaya.
2)To give information there was cultural dan historical relationship among Indonesia and Southeast Asia
3) To give information that Srivijaya was a powerful empire in the history of Indonesia and Southeast Asia
3) To give information about Srivijaya as a maritime and powerful empire in Indonesia and Southeast Asia in the early history.
The Seminar outcome:
1) Proceedings on Cultural History of Srivijaya Civilization
2) Documented all the last decade years researches on Srivijaya


The seminar activity will be held at Quality Hotel in Palembang, July 16th – 19th, 2008 (3 days seminar and 1 day for site visit). Starting in June with the celebration of the rise of Srivijaya 682 AD. and will be continue in July with Seminar on Srivijaya. The Seminar will be organized by the National Research Centre and Development of Archaeology (Puslitbang Arkenas) in Jakarta joined with Research Branch Centre for Archaology (Balai Arkeologi) in Palembang.


The seminar is an effort to bring qualified persons to draw up an integrated Research Plan to the undertaken by scholars in Southeast Asia. A number of experts from foreign countries as well as from Indonesia will attend the seminar. They are from various discipline (archaeology, history, art, architecture, geology, and others), and from institution inside/outside of the region which have join researches in Srivijaya such as India, China, England, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore Brunei, Philippine and Indonesia.


The topic will be classified into general and thematic studies, such as:
1) Settlement: early settlement, urban settlement
2) Environment
3) Religion
4) Trade/maritime
5) Technology
6) Art and architecture

If you need more detail information please contact
Organizing Committee
1) The Centre of National Archaeology
Jln. Raya Condet Pejaten 4 , Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta
2) Archaeological Office in Palembang, South Sumatera
Jln. Kancil Putih, Lr. Rusa. Demang Lebar Daun, Palembang, Sumatera Selatan
email: balai(AT)arkeologi.palembang.go.id

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