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Prehistoric utensils and ceramics were found in a cave in Thailand’s Chanthaburi province, in a mountain bordering Thailand and Cambodia.

Prehistoric utensils from Chanthaburi province, MCOT News, 24 April 2008

Ancient artifacts found in Chanthaburi Cambodian-border cave
MCOT News, 24 April 2008

Chanthaburi-based archeologists found scattered household utensils and pottery belonging to the pre-historic period in a cave in this eastern Thai province bordering Cambodia.

Lt. Niran Yano accompanied by archeologists on Thursday explored a cave on Chanthaburi’s Khao Noi mountain near the Thai-Cambodian border and reported the discovery of archeological objects dated back 4,000 years.

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  1. Hello and thanks for reading this , Im from spain and yest I found some pieaces of what I think its some prehistoric things , and I duno if u can help me to know from when are them and if they are really from that moment but Im pretty sure , Id like to send u some of the pics if u dont mind .
    Thanks and Id appreciate ur reply.

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