I posted the story about Philippines move to regulate treasure hunting in caves earlier, but a smaller detail in this Inquirer story was a little interesting – besides archaeological and cultural finds, is the Philippines trying to deter hunters for Yamashita’s treasure as well?

Philippines to regulate treasure-hunting
Philippine Inquirer, 27 Dec 2007

Besides protecting caves from treasure-hunters searching for cultural and archaeological artifacts,

Treasure hunters scour the Philippines in search of World War II booty supposedly plundered from across Southeast Asia and hidden by Japanese occupation forces shortly before the country was liberated by the United States.

Tomoyuki Yamashita was the general of the Japanese forces tasked to invade Malaysia and Singapore during World War II. Nicknamed the “Tiger of Malaya”, Yamashita was said to have loot from the Southeast Asian campaign scurried away to Philippines (although there’s another theory that the treasure is really in Malaysia or Singapore…)

You can read more about the cave regulation here and previously on SEAArch here. Hmm… hidden Japanese gold in a Southeast Asian jungl all makes for a good archaeological tale in centuries to come.
Books about Yamashita’s alleged hidden treasure:
In Search of Gold
Gold Warriors: America’s Secret Recovery of Yamashita’s Gold
Yamashita’s Gold

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177 Replies to “Cave restriction to fend off hunters of Yamashita's treasure?”

  1. Gentlemen,
    There are lost of treasure sites hidden in caves here in the Philippines, if you want to join venture with us…we can recover treasure, oks?


    1.LUZON ISLAND (Estimated. treasure volume)

    1) Dumagat Secret Treasure 1 (very large)
    2) Dumagat Secret Treasure 1 (very large)
    3) El Sombrero Treasure 1 (very large)
    4) El Sombrero treasure 2 (very large)
    5) Secrets of Digoyo (very large)
    6) Mt. Billionaire (very large)
    7) Gen. Tamaso Cache (very large)
    8) Gen. Tanaka Treasure (very large)
    9) Sinkhole Cave (very large)
    10) PB Cave (very large)
    11) Gen. Yakoko Treasure (large)
    12) Secret Airstrip 1 (large)
    13) Snake Cave Treasure (medium)
    14) Padlock Cave (medium)
    15) Caged Budha Cave (small)
    16) 3 G. Budha Cave (small)
    17) Underground Cave Temple (small)
    18) 5 Lonely Tomb Cave (small)

    19) Tokyo 2 Tunnel (very large)
    20) Japs Jungle Base Camp (large)
    21) Callao Secret (large)
    22) School Secret Treasure (medium)
    23) Prado’s Court (medium)
    24) Springfield Tunnel (medium)
    25) Japs Plane Hangar treasure (medium)
    26) Cargo Truck Tunnel (medium)
    27) Church Secret Treasure (medium)
    28) Skull Tunnel Treasure (medium)
    29) Masoc / Grandfather Treasure (medium)
    30) Egg Cave Treasure (medium)
    31) Zapote Tree Secret (small)
    32) Mango Tree Secret (small)
    33) Santolan Tree Secret (small)
    34) Tamarind tree Secret (small)
    35) Lamp Light Treasure 1 (small)
    36) Lamp Light Treasure 2 (small)
    37) Peroz Road Treasure (small)
    38) Triangle Bridge Treasure (small)
    39) Japs Flag Treasure 1 (small)
    40) Japs Flag Treasure 2 (small)
    41) Japs Execution Camp Treasure (small)
    42) Mango Hill Treasure (small)
    43) Japs Cargo Plane 1 (small)
    44) Japs Cargo Plane 2 (small)
    46) Eagle Rock Treasure (small)

    46) 2-Metal Box (small)
    47) Underwater Golden Budha (small)
    48) El Diablo Island Secret (small)

    49) Seven General Treasure (very large)
    50) Three Gen. Treasure of Tagurano (very large)
    51) Gen. Yamashita Treasure at Mundo Hill (very large)
    52) Gen. Yamashita Treasure at Panabo (large)
    53) Gen. Sakura Treasure (large)
    54) Gen. Toyogoshi Treasure (large)
    55) Gen. Kutamura Treasure (large)
    56) Gen. Teruya Treasure (large)
    57) Gen. Yamada Treasure (large)
    58) Gen. Murakami Treasure (large)
    59) Adm. Nakone Treasure (large)
    60) Adm. Igie Treasure (large)
    61) Col. Oshihiro Hansawa Treasure (large)
    62) Col. Yamaguchi Treasure (large)
    63) Lt. Ohata Treasure (medium)
    64) Secrets Of Carmen (small)
    65) Secrets of Cuyo Island (small)
    66) Secrets of Dalirig (small)
    67) Secrets of Dagat K Dabaw (small)
    68) Secrets of Lake Sebu (small)
    69) Secrets of Lake Venado (small)
    70) Secrets of Lipadas (small)
    71) Secrets of Makilo Ranges (large)
    72) Secrets of Mt. Apo (large)
    73) Secrets of Namnam (small)
    74) Secrets of Pangantucan (large)
    75) Secrets of Raware (medium)
    76) Secrets of Silae (small)
    77) Secrets of Sinuda (small)
    78) Secrets of Tamugan (medium)
    79) Secrets of Upian 1 and 2 (medium)
    80) Nubos Treasure (medium)
    81) Takahashi Butai Treasure (very large)
    82) Kashibaora / Tanaka Treasure (very large)
    83) 10th Buntai Treasure (medium)
    84) Horse Cave Treasure (small)
    85) Crocodile Cave Treasure (medium)
    86) Giant Lizard Cave Treasure (medium)
    87) Madapo Hill Treasure (small)
    88) Kiakol Treasure (small)
    89) Todaya Treasure (medium)
    90) Crown of Cambodia (medium)
    91) Djakarta Tunnel (very large)
    92) Medusa Tunnel (small)
    93) Tunnel 9 (very large)
    94) Lying Lady Mountain (medium)
    95) Golden Budha of St. Francis (small)
    96) 3 –Chained /Wired Tomb (small)
    97) Lonely Tomb of Talomo (small)
    98) Lonely Tomb of St. Ines (small)
    99) Lonely Tomb of Luban (small)
    100) Sea Tomb of Luban (small)
    101) 15 lonely Tomb of Wao (medium)
    102) Samurai Tomb (small)
    103) Sinkhole Tomb and Box (small)
    104) Mysterious Jungle Steel Crate (small)
    105) Waterfalls of Block (small)
    106) Foxhole of Umayam (small)
    107) Swimming Horse of Kisawi (small)
    108) Underground Horse of Mt. Magolo (medium)
    109) Tabokno Falls treasure (small)
    110) Gandara Secret (small)
    111) St. Vincent Secret (small)

    112) Siwa Maru,D Island Ship(very large)
    113) Tikang Maru (large)
    114) Sakima Maru (large)
    115) Maru of the Orient 3 (large)
    116) Capt. Kimura 6 ships (very large)
    117) Mini Submarine (small)
    118) Camouflage Submarine (medium)
    119) Cliff wall Submarine (medium)
    120) Underground Submarine base (large)
    121) Runway Edge Sea Vault (small)
    122) Daibatsu of Ginoog and Davao Gulf (large)

    1) Treasure volume: small (1-10 tons), medium (20-50 tons), large (50-100 tons), very large (above 100 tons). Estimated volume of treasure may change.
    2) These are the treasure leads and information we have accumulated thru more than 20 years of extensive treasure research, exploration, actual operation, interviews of Japs / Filipino veterans, maps, live pointers and natives.
    3) These are the combination of different type of treasures sites….buried (shallow/deep), tunnel, caves (open, closed, waterfalls, underwater), ship and submarine wrecks, tombs, statues, school, church, etc. In different kind of terrain in the Philippines…town, mountains, jungle, waterfalls, caves, rivers, sea…etc.
    4) These suspected treasure sites have different stages of operation: for diggings, exploration, recovery, relocation…etc.
    5) Its our team that names these suspected treasure sites for easy reference.

    FOR MORE INFO, CONTACT…GBOY, gergio2006@yahoo.com.ph

  2. Hi Gboy,

    I think we found the Gen. Sakura treasure and Tunnel 9 in Panabo. We have living witness with us and he owns the land of about 7 has. She herself saw Gen. Sakura when he returned to the site and pointed to the hidden treasure.

  3. Emmauel,
    We too know the site, we even have the treasure map of that area, however we avoided that kind of big vol. treasure site bcoz its the “general treasure” means it was built by thousand men…and it would be stupid to operate with only 10 diggers. Meaning it is expensive and difficult….maybe if you have $10-20 million dollars budget you can operate that big vol site, if not…its would be too difficult.

  4. good day;

    i am from digos, davao del sur. we digged it a cemment box at arround 12ft deep. we recovered a military uniform of imperial army. i think it was a gen. uniform. there is a 3 old mango tree in trianglar form at exact distance.

  5. Toto,

    Seing Japanese military artifacts or Japanese military trash/garbage underneath the soil is NOT guarantee for treasure. The only way you will know if there is presence of buried treasure is to conduct geophysical survey and borehole drill…no more no less.

  6. hey!!!!

    I need a partner who has hightech equipments (metal detectors) in finding treasure. I have 3 sites supported by japanese signs, and confirmed by a professional treasure hunter. Make sure ur gadgets can penetrate up to 50ft and can detect gold. Then can be my partner in this adventure. pls email me champoy_hunter@yahoo.com and make sure your welling to go to mountains. I assure your safety… Lets help each other for our success ok?


  7. toto,

    Then did you continue digging? that can be a sign (military uniform)did you find rocks with shapes or markings???

    Me we dig 30 ft and we found plastic cement, due to heavy rains we stop… Triagle work by trees is already a sign. Where did dig? at the center of the triangle mango???

  8. Hello,

    Please give me more information about the following:

    1) The Lonely Tomb of Luban listed in # 99; is this means that it is only a single tomb or within a public cemetery?
    2) Is this already taken or not yet?

    3) The Sea Tomb of Luban listed in # 100; is this means that it is located under sea water or just along the sea shore?
    4) Is this already taken or not yet?

    5)Where can we find the LUBAN place? is it a Barangay? Municipality? or Province?

    Thank you very much for your sincere response.


  9. Sammy,
    1) Lonely Tomb of Luban – is a concrete tomb found in remote area in Mindanao.
    2) Sea tomb of Luban – is an underwater concrete tomb found also in Mindanao

    Luban is in Mindanao but i didn’t know the exact location bcoz it was my partner who is familiar with this site. We do not know the latest update regarding these sites bcoz we no longer concentrate our treasure hunting efforts in Mindanao.

    Tunnel site is not easy it was built by thousand/hundred men/diggers, thats why if you wanted to operate it, you should have hundreds of manpower and need huge budget also. Tunnel is NOT guarantee for treasure, remember japs built hundreds of tunnels all over the country, which one had treasure…only a few.

  10. Gboy,
    Thanks a lot for replying to my inquiry. let ,me ask you again, we found a turtle singn facing a rock that has a triangle mark and said triangle points to a rock again that has a tounge marker, said tounge marker points to the base of the rock where the tounge marker engrave. we are trying to dig the said base of the rock and we found a boulder that has a “right close shoes shape” pointing downward, said shoe shape boulder is about 2.5 meters in length. my inquiry is: is there an object beyond the tip of the shoe shape boulder hence the location is found on the very hilly surface, and absolutely a few foot from the tip is already a bedrock considering its location. if you have some idea about this please give me the information.

    Your sincere response will higly be appreciated.


  11. Sammy,
    Email your picture marker to me….am not sure if your marker is just ordinary or natural rocks or japs marker. FYI 99.99% of the alleged rock marker dugged up are just ordinary rock, thats why I wanted to be sure.

  12. Gboy,

    sorry that that i cannot mail to you the picture of the marker because i dono know how to do it, anyway let me ask you again and sorry if i cause any inconvenience to you.
    1) What is the chemical to test the difference between rock and stone? where can we bought it within Davao City?
    2) If huge turtle engraved on rock, what is the nature of the treasure? is it in a cave? is it in a tunnel? is it in the rock? or is it simply burried?
    3) If it is burried, what is usually the dept of it?

    Thank you very much for your patience to me.

  13. hai to ol……… im jumar. Living at Sto. Tomas, Davao del Norte. i need to have some ideas or facts in searching for hidden treasures because there is a case here in our residence that one part of the land pulls down after a heavy rain. its not just as common as we notice on pulling down of the land because when it rains, the water that flows is directly gone after it reaches the part of land. its a co-incidesnce also because it is done near our “bombang tubig”. wat should i do??? can u email me regarding this matter because I’m not clarified to the rumors of some treasure hunters in our community because its quite wrong. please email me with the scientifically based signs and facts regarding this matter. jhom2143@yahoo.com.ph. please help me. thnks

  14. Sammy,
    1) Test your rock sample into some commercial laboratories or bureau of mines(see tel directory)
    2) Use hi-tech geophysical survey and borehole drill in your site to locate presence of treasure (see tel. directory or yelllow pages)

    Your site may have some sinkholes or tunnel….let have some geophysical survey (see tel. directory/yellow pages)

  15. Good day to everyone! I would like to ask help maybe you know the japanese code written on circular fiber glass which we got after breaking a footlike stone. We also found a small cube stone like a dice that has an x and arrow mark, Within the sorrounding there is a an eagle claw formation of stone under this stone there is a solid wall on both side just like a tunnel. We didnt go inside because its covered with water i thinks its around 15 ft. depth

  16. Good day to everyone! I would like to ask help maybe you know the japanese code written on circular fiber glass which we got after breaking a footlike stone. We also found a small cube stone like a dice that has an x and arrow mark, Within the sorrounding there is a an eagle claw formation of stone under this stone there is a solid wall on both side just like a tunnel. We didnt go inside because its covered with water i thinks its around 15 ft. depth…

  17. GIVE ME YOUR MONEY! That’s my treasure for all you suckers out there. There are supposed treasure sites but they want you to give them millions of funds to get it! What a SCAM!
    Too much talk and no treasure found for decades!

  18. Jim Daniels (Shallow Water Recovery, Tampa, Florida)…The attack dog of CIA…here goes again trying to discredit pinoy treasure hunter, the funny thing is he tried to copy my name what a shame…why don’t you tried to attend to several complaints against the scam of your SWR company in Florida…your SWR company is famous for its SCAM isn’t it?.

  19. try n try unti u success n just givef me like piece of beans ok na heheh.hope u find the gold .but be sure safety first ok.

  20. hai gboy……

    wer wil i find those persons hu will help me here in my town????

    wer r u frm?? can u go here and test our soil whether this contians gold or sumthing because its quite unpredictable…..

    im sure u can help me……

    im not sure if it’s a sinkhole or a tunnel because its in the part of our lot and as a resident, i cant believe such manipulous threat regarding this matter……

    guide me plzzzzz…….. thnx and godblesss…

  21. Jumar,

    I can’t help you…look for geologist or go to bureau of mines and ask for their help, thats their job to investigate soil anomalies.

  22. HI! ahmm… have a nice day!
    I have a good news for us.
    My ancle have own a bergin forest that has a total surface area about 5.2 hectares. And you know it so very enteresting bcoz, it is positive for yamashitas treasure.
    I know about this bcoz,Iam a poor treasure hunter.
    I work out this exercise since Im 20 so there is 3 years ago.
    thank you so much, and I hoping for your favorable action. GOD BLESS.

  23. hello to all,

    please help me to know.
    We dig about 4 feet dept and we found a small pieces of unknown material color white mixed in the soil about 1 foot thick and about 8 by 8 feet in size, as tested for chemical reaction, the material is either only limestone, marble, or cement.
    what this circumstances mean? is this a material that may guard treasure from detector?
    What are the device, materials, or chemical that protect the treasure from detector?
    I really appreciate to anyone who can give me an information about these.

  24. It would be understandable, if somebody, who really found a treasure in past, keeps silence about his success – for various reasons.

    I am interested to get in contact with such persons, who can PROOF that they were successfull – either in the Philippines or in any other Southeast Asian country concerning any Japanese war booty of precious metalls.

    I am NOT a treasure hunter, but an investigative German journalist (politics and contemporary history) and author who actually is writing a serious, scientific book about the Japanese looting of Southeast Asia between 1937 and 1945.

    After three years of resarch in different Southeast Asian countries on the above mentioned subject I am already in the position to uncover spectaculary research results of political, historical and economical significance concerning the Japanese lootings during WW II, which are unknown up to now.

    Nevertheless I am am interested in testimonies of SERIOUS and SUCCESSFUL treasure hunters too, because their evidences – if they can be proofed – could round off my research results.

    I assure absolutely privacy and anonymity!

    Beside I am interested to get in contact with Chinese geologists specialalized in the fields of gold mining as well as illegal mining in China, possibly with access to official statistical material and background informations.

    If you have something important to say what you can proof concerning the above mentioned subjects please get in contact with me by mail: auto434175@hushmail.com.

    If you want to be sure that our mail communication is most secure please establish at first your own FREE Husmail account (https://hushmail.com). Hushmail provides the actually most secure mail communication worldwide. Then our correspondence will be encoded in the most secure method (end-to-end-encryption based on PGB).

    Please write to me in English, German or French only.


  25. Thanks to “Joemar” and “Gerardo” for answering on my above mentioned message (January 14, 2009).

    Unfortunately your mails include nothing of interest in relation to my above formulated questions.

    To make it clear once again: I am NOT a treasure hunter, but a serious reseaercher. I am well informed about the lootings of Japan during WW II in China and Southeast Asia as well as the many speculations concerning the Philippines in this context.

    I am NOT interested in speculations without serious proofs like published by the Seagraves, Charles McDoughald or the Philippine mass media.

    I know already when and where gold and/or bullions were found and salvaged in the Philippines and I can proof these operations with documents, photos and videos from SERIOUS sources which are up to now totally unknown.

    Beside I am in the possession auf thousands of faked documents on this subject and able to answer the famous question: “Cui bono?”

    Sure, there might be some other places where – in general – only SMALL quantities of gold hidden by the Japanese at the end of WW II could be found maybe or were found in past really. THIS stories are of interest for me, NOT the dreams, speculations or assertions without any SERIOUS proof about huge amounts of gold or the existance of a “Yamashita Tresure”, like it was spreaded by “interested parties” to establish a legend, which the international public and many naive dreamers – treasure hunters, as they call themselves – should lead astray, to be able to establish a legend as a red-herring from certain historical (and political) facts unknown up to now. All these stories in fact were and are disinformation only, initiated by interested intelligence agencies for their governments after WW II and during the following decades – up to now.

    Please, don’t waste precious lifetime in running after such fabricated stories.

    In September 1945 the most gold (and silver)looted by Japan in China, Southeast Asia and the Philippines was already gone, “disappeared” if you like. There were NEVER big quantities left in the Philippines! Beside, there was no reason for it to store it up it in the Philippines. Until the end of WW II Japan still had secure possibilities to transport loot without danger directly to Japan, for example with hospital ships. And Japan did so.

    The embezzlement of the Japanese war booty and the contexts with other political and military events in 1945, how the embezzlement was realized and how the laundering of the embezzled Japanese war booty was carried out, is another interesting story – in fact a war crime too. But at present it is not the right moment and place to uncover this story.


  26. FOK,

    Most successful treasure hunters are in hiding…some are our local politicians and big time business men, meaning they are beyond our/your reach here in P.I.

    I understand that you have already some voluminous docus/photos of japs ww2 treasure and stuff….everybody had that one, just type google, presto you have instant WW2 treasure photos and docus. oks?

    I assume what you need is THE LATEST AND ACTUAL PHOTOS/VIDEOS OF TREASURES WITH YOUR FACE BESIDE IT? Correct? bcoz that is also what lacking with some other treasure books. Well my friend, it would be impossible to find one, UNLESS you look for it or explore for it in the jungle.

    If you want fish, fish will not come to you…you have to dive, swim and look for it…oks?
    Meaning, If you want treasure with your face beside it…you dig, explore, hike…THAT IS THE ONLY WAY…NO FREEBESS in this world now, oks?

  27. Gboy,

    thank you for your mail.

    how do you know that “most succesful treasure hunters are in hiding”,as you wrote, IF in fact they are hiding their activities? Your comment is unlogical. You don’t really KNOW, if they were succesful. But I KNOW persons, who were succesful – but with more or less small quantities of gold only.

    This little “success” stories were exaggerated by interested parties. The result was the legend of the so calles Yamashita gold.

    Have you never heard about political disinformation or story tellers with criminal background who only want to sheat the naives and dreamers? The aim of these crooks is ALWAYS to ask for prepayments or capital for a SUPPOSED “absolutely safe business”. They present you a lot of impressive papers and documents – altogether fakes only -to lure you and to embezzle finally your money only. And they succeed very often, because their naive victims are gready in a similar way as the crooks.

    On the other hand there are the political crooks, already dead or still alive, who profit from the establishment of legends like the Yamashita stories. With such a legend they can DIVERT from their own crimes,that is the embezzlement of the Japanese war booty after WW II.

    The political crooks succeded with their strategy – no serious historian for example believes the Yamashita story after having done a little research on the subject. Because they are afraid of making fools of themselves,they hesitate to make a serious and deeper research on the subject und put it aside – for decades now.

    Beside, western historians mostly are not able to read for example Chinese or Japanese documents, many asian documents on the gold subject are over and above still classified or were destoyed a long time ago – because also Asian government officials from different countries have looted gold during WW II and therefore they are still trying to “keep their face” – unfortunately.

    But in fact, especially in Asian (victim) countries you can find serious documents on the gold lootings during WW II in many archives.

    I do not want to name these Asian countries right now, because I do not want to put them suddenly in a predicamend so long as they might cooperate with me in searching for a compromise between my scientific aimes and their understandable wish to “keep their face”.

    If you want to see through the stupid publications on the so called Yamashita treasure you have to do a time-consuming and expensive research on the imperialistic politics of certain western nations in the Far East as well as likewise time-consuming and expensive researches in various Asian countries to discover certain interdependencies between Western and Eastern countries, between Western and Eastern economies and and politics concerning raw materials, between Eastern and Western financial systems in different periods – and in many academic disciplines more.

    Such a research must start latest with the beginning of the Roosevelt presidency in 1933, his so called “gold war” against Europe, as well his his so called “silver war” against China in the mid of the thirties. You must learn about the failure of of Roosevelt’s third New Deal, the beginning of WW II in 1937 in the Far East and in 1939 in Europe, as well as about the political aims of the Bretton Woods system estabished in 1944, prepared already since January 1942, and about the role of gold in this connection and so on…

    You must learn about the Chinese and Southeast Asian gold production since centuries, you must learn that and why the Asian gold production in most cases until the seventies of the last Century is NOT included in the Western gold statistics. You must study the politic of Truman, find explenations concerning the abrupt changement of US politic vis-à-vis the Soviet Union beginning on April 23, 1945. You must learn about the Soviet invasion plans of Japan which Stalin prepared since February 1945, the consequences of the capturing of German codebreaking machines by US “Target Intelligence Committees” in March/April 1945 which enabled America to be informed about the most secret Soviet military plans in the Far East. You must learn, WHY Truman did everything to prevent a Soviet occupation zone in Japan. That leads your thinking to NEW explanations, WHY the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan, which on August 6, 1945 was already defeated even without dropping these bombs.

    All that and much more you can learn if you do a serious research, which shall lead your thinking in the same moment to the Japanese war booty and the mysterious disappearance of the precious metals after the Japanese capitulation.

    Then you will be able to read the § 14 of the San Francisco Peace Treaty suddenly with totally different eyes, as well as the Treaty of Taipei.

    Suddenly you will understand too, WHY the Millions of victims of Japanese war crimes got NO compensation up to now. That is another crime and unfortunately again a humililiation of the Japanese victims of WW II in China and Southeast Asia.

    For that reason I have done a research work for several years now. History is always a history of crimes too. To uncover the HIDDEN history, relieves the war criminals from the compulsion, to continue to hide and to deny their crimes – and refuse and compensations and an serious excuses in the same moment.

    The hidden history of gold looted by Japan during WW II and the embezzlement of this war booty after 1945 is in fact the crucial question, wether the Japanese war victims still alive are getting compensation after all – or not.

    Don’t make a fool out of yourself in following the legend of the mysterious Yamashita treasure on the Philippines.

    Sure, there was a relatively small quantity of gold looted by Japan and hided in the Philippines in autum 1945 – but it is “gone” already immediately after the Japanese capitulation. Guess where it went…

    Obviously you too are one of the many thousands “Believers” and dreamers only, who takes in earnest what some other “Belivers” and dreamers (or crooks) have published in the Philippine mass media, in the Internet or in books like the one of Seagrave, McDoughald and others.

    Naive “Believers” and dreamers want to keep their illusions and therefore repeat mechanically what they read and what they were told and what they WANT to believe.

    If in your case I might be wrong, if in fact you are an absolute exception and one of the VERY rare successfull treasure hunters in the past, then please tell your story and PROOF it – and I guarantee absolute secrecy and anonymity.

    But please, don’t bother me or other intelligent people with such trivial stories of dreamers and failed fortune-hunters.

    Please excuse my imperfect English.


  28. FOK,

    Your english is perfect alrigh, its also my 2nd language only. meaning we are equal…in terms of english language communication….

    Well it seems you are well research in these treasure topic…thats fine, but please do not UNDERESTIMATE us the DREAMERS OR BELIEVERS of these Infamous Japanese ww2 treasures bcoz WE ARE ALSO WELL RESEARCH on this topic, meaning you do not monopolize this topic.

    BTW, how long have you been researching these topic?…5-10 years maybe?….thats not bad, but not good enough. Bcoz for us our research are longer than yours. Our reasearch started with our OWN OLD FOLKS IN WW2. MEANING WE ARE 2ND GENERATION TREASURE HUNTERS AND RESEARCHERS. Our old folks was already treasure hunter/guirilla intel soldiers as early as WW2. If we compute the total treasure research of our old folks and my team….from 1944-2009….65 years of treasure research, in span of 2 generations already….DO YOU THINK YOU CAN UNDERESTIMATE NOW OUR 65 YEARS TREASURE RESEARCH???

    FYI, Our old folks was marcos treasure partner in ww2 and martial law days….more or less our old folks recovered 10,000 tons of gold and was given to marcoses during martial law days (1970’s) it is fully documented, unfortunately or old folks treasure shares was confiscated by PCGG and CIA or gold cartel. Our old folks died poor, thats why we continue our own treasure research.

    In other words, we are not DREAMERS / BELIEVERS of these vast treasures…WE PERSONALLY EXPERIENCE IT DURING MARCOS TIME. bcoz it was our old folks who recovered personally some of these treasure…understand?

    Meaning our research is NOT only based in books, interviews, internet (the way you do) but BASED ON OUR OWN TREASURE EXPERIENCE, okey?
    Question? Who had a better treasure research now…you or mine? I doubt if your research is even near with us. Thats why NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE TREASURE RESEARCH OF DREAMERS AND BELIEVERS…BCOZ WE HAVE ALSO OUR OWN RESOURCES AND INFOS…FROM OUR OWN personal EXPERIENCE….NOT ON OTHER PEOPLES INFOS, OKS?.

    If you are truly a good treasure researcher…try to talk with CIA gold broker FRANK B. HIGDON….in 1982-84, he brokered more or less 60,000 metric tons of gold….we have a pictture with him, begging for our old folks to produce more gold to be sold….our old folks gave him gold alright in 10,000 tons, but THEY NEVER PAYED US, UP TO NOW….thats why we will just relocate the remaining hidden treasures of our old folks….

    You may have a good treasure research….but our treasure research is BETTER THAN YOU….see my treasure list? Its 100 + sites.
    FYI, producing 100 treasure sites alone is not easy believe me….


  29. Gboy,

    first of all: I’m not a “treasure researcher”, but an investigative political journalist/author and historian (modern history, main point WW II).

    The fact that you are not able to understand my writings and explanations as well as the contexts between gold, economical and financial systems, history of economy, politics, statistics, geology, military politic and history,intelligence and disinformation, political analyse, international gold business in the past as well as today and so on)shows without doubt, that you are not at all a “researcher”, although you call yourself a treasury “researcher”. What is that? You will NEVER reach the results you are dreaming about with such a narrow-minded thinking as shown in your last message. Obviously your qualifications to do a serious research are very limited. Please, don’t call yourself a “researcher” – it is not only rediculous, but sad to see your writings and arguments.

    You did not do a 65 years research, you collected only 65 years certain legends and unproofed stories and assertions. I know all these and similar stories, because in the Philippines they are part of the dreams of every “have not”, the people who were used only by the aprioximately 400 families of the Philippine power elite.

    If your “old folks” were already treasure hunters, why they are still poor today, why they died poor? Something must have been be wrong with their “research” as well as with yours…

    You write, that they recovered 10000 tons of gold and that the recovery is “fully documented”. You know,I have in my archives thousands of such documents concerning “Philippine gold” including insurance documents from companies like Lloyds and many others, “gold certificates” with the name of Ferdinand Marcos,”bank certificates” concerning gold in the possession of Marcos, original letters signed by Marcos concerning gold transactions, “gold certificates” signed by Marcos issued on the name of Kim Il-sung, Idi Amin, Yasir Arafat, Josip Broz (Tito), Philippine personalities and many others; documents found and confiscated after the EDSA revolution in a safe of Marcos in his sleeping room in the Malacanang Palace; the Marcos gold certificate “Blue Book” of the Philippines, several thousand pages of original correspondence from the “Presidential Commission of Good Government” (PCGG), the complete orignal New York files and private correspondence of David Castro, former head of the PCGG before he was arrested by the FBI in New York as well as his later private correspondence with formwer UBS in Switzerland concerning “Marcos gold” and so on; hundreds of gold documents formerly in the possession of wellknown Philippine persons and politicians, including Fabian Ver (one of his former closest girl friends is living in Germany today) are in my possession. But that’s not enough, to possess such documents only, you must be able to analyse and proof them too. Beside I have in my possession hundreds of photos with gold-, platinum- and silver bullions with old hall marks from different Southeast Asian countries. Most of this stuff consist of fakes, even many photos and videos (for example the video distributed by TV Asahi in Japan a couple of years ago. I have in my possession this “documetary” film too, although TV Asahi is hiding it today like a secret.

    I searched for the Philippine economic scientist who claimed many years ago (but without mentioning his real name)in an interview with the wellknown Philippine journalist Hilarion Henares, that Marcos appointed him as President of the “Philippine Gold Commission”, to lead a conference with an American gold delegation in the Manila Hotel. One of the delegates was Frank Higdon, an economic adviser of the White House in Washington. You mentioned his name in your last message. But obviously you don’t know that Higdon was a member of the CIA at that time. I found the Philippine economic scientist who had given the above mentiond interview to Henraes anonymous. I made an interview with him too, but not anonymous this time. His name: Dr. Francisco Tajanan. That is serious research!

    Therefore, don’t tell me something about research. I am sorry to say that you are a simple minded and self-satisfied, naiv amateur. A dreamer. 65 years of research you and your people did? Where are the results? You know nothing.

    Sure, there was some looted gold left in the Philippines after the Japanese surrender which stimulated the phantasie of simple minded people like you and your “folks” until today. But in fact these quantities were only negligible. More than 90 percent of the Japanese gold booty on August 15, 1945 was already in Japan. Beside, there was NO reason to keep the gold stolen by Japan since 1937 in China and later in Southeast Asia in the Philippines. That is very easy to find out even for persons with a low IQ.

    Beside: The most gold stolen by Japan came NOT in the possession of the government in Tokio by ordinary lootings or robberies, but by means of the different and nearly worthless occupation currencies. Have you, the greatest researcher in the world, never heard of the “Yamamoto Report” and the special Japanese teams of financial experts of the Bank of Japan? Their job was to “BUY” gold, platinum, silver, hard currencies and so on in China and whole Southeast Asia with the nearly worthless occupation money. Ordinary lootings and simple robberies were the exceptions between 1937 and 1945! The greatest Japanese thief was NOT the Imperial Japanese Army, but the Bank of Japan, which was responsible for the immediate transport of the precious metals to Tokio until the Japanese surrender. In the final days of the war this was done with hospital ships. You never heard about it? Maybe you start immediately abother 65 years “research”. But keep cool, most historians too have missed this most important and most successfull looting method of the Bank of Japan.

    I was in closed contact with former Philippine generals who were responsible for several gold research expeditions on order of Marcos. One of these generals, a school friend of the former dictator, showed to me nearly 50 gold bars and gave me the permission to make an chemical analyse and to photograph them. This old general, in 2005 85 years old, wanted to launder the bullions in Europe. He had embezzled them instead of giving them to Marcos.

    Another former Philippine general was proud to present to me some old gold bullions. “A gift of Marcos” he told me. – Sure, there was some gold in the Philippines which the Japanese had looted in Southeast Asia. But be sure too, in the total that were very limited quantities only, and most of it went to the USA directly after the Japanese surrender.

    The biggest part of the gold looted by Japan between 1937 and 1945 in China and Southeast Asia(more than 90 percent)in 1945 was already in Japan. That is the result of my research based on serious and professional research and document findings in the USA, Great Britain, Japan, Singapur, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Korea and China.

    But if you prefer to keep your fortune-hunter dreams, continue to waste your time.

    Have you never thought about to try to be successfull in life with the help of an advanced training and/or a serious work instead of running after chimeras?


  30. FOK,



    I can easily accompany you to native holder iun hinterland with treasure cave full of treasures…..one condition, once you saw the treasure and satisfied with it…. they will take your eyes, to protect their treasure sites….THAT IS A CHALLENGE TO YOU.
    If you think these treasures doesn’t exis…accept my challenge…I will prove it to you that it does….AS SIMPLE AS THAT…no more bla-bla…or historical docus bla -bla…SEE IT FOR YOURSELF…BUT AFTER YOU ARE SATISFIED, YOUR EYES WILL BE LEFT BEHIND, OKS?
    OOOOhhhhaaaa….lets see who is dreaming hehehehe …. ACCEPT MY CHALLENGE…THE NATIVE HOLDER IS WAITING ANYTIME YOU WANT…HEHEHE …oks?

    BTW, all soldier treasure hunters (including our old folks) was given BANK CERTIFICATE AND DOCUS…it was confiscated by CIA/PCGG.



  31. FOK,

    You wanted our help to prove the existenc of japs WW2 treasure?….WE WILL NOT HELP YOU, bcoz YOU HAVE NO USE TO US.
    We are NOT stupid to accompany you to our native treasure holder or sites, simply bcoz WE DON’T TRUST YOU…

    You may cry to high heavens that Japs WW2 treasure doesn’t exist and we are just DREAMERS OR BELIEVERS, well we don’t care…..AS LONG AS THE TREASURE SITES AND TREASURES INFOS, ARE WELL KEPT SECRET FOR US TH pinoy ONLY…thats alright with us….as long as the gold bars is with us, oks?

    We don’t CARE if your research materials LACK credibility due to lack of treasure proof…thats your problem not ours oks? BYE BYE…..

  32. Gboy,

    with your last two messages you presented once again proofs, that you are a very simple minded person.

    Your are not able neither to read nore to grasp the contents of messages and their contexts.

    Over and above, with your underdeveloped thinking structure you even did not grasp what my intentions were to post messages on this board. You talk much at random only without any substance, without beeing able to answer the crucial questions. You are even not abel to proof your own contradictory stammering.

    You behave like the most simple-minded “tresure hunters” I have met many times in the Philippines, which often are natives, unfortunately used and sheated by the more educated upper-classes.

    I feel sorry for you and your “folks” which obviously still have to manage their difficult life in the Philipppines without getting the necessary education and formation to become more independent and successfull in life.

    Whith such people substantial exchanges of thoughts unfortunately is useless and wasted time only.


  33. FOK,

    We have NO INTEREST to exchange thoughts with you, what will we gain for that? Nothing !!!
    You may consider yourself successful in exchanging thoughts, but DO YO HAVE THE GOLD/TREASURE????….NO SIRREEEE
    You may think we re not yet successful in life?….maybe/maybe not…But one thing for sure….WE KNOW WHERE THE big vol GOLD/TREASURE IS…and it is for the CONSUMPTION of FILIPINOS ONLY…OKS?
    Marcos had the mistake before of bringing the big vol treasures abroad….IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN….the gold/treasure will REMAIN HERE N P.I. FOR OUR OWN CONSUMPTION ONLY…..BYE, BYE

  34. hi gboy im asking about my descovered turtle sign?? man made used i think this is brown cement! put on the top of big stone formed complete turtle,at the front i saw also one long size.. made also brown cement.put this sign under forest canal stemated 3 meters wide, covered crack big stones maybe used dynamite to broke the big stones…what its mean? the treasure under this sign? tnx& have anice day sa lahat ng th

  35. gboy, i have a small question to ask…is there a casing or a very hard concrete that surrounds the cache? my uncle dug and chiseled he’s way around from side to side only to find one huge concrete its like a rectangular shape…i don’t want to assume or anything..nut i would to ask for your help..from one th to another…and if we find gold or something valuable,i will show to the world that its true…and if not then i guess its just not the right decision.

  36. jhongatsup,

    Total nakita na ang alleged hard rectangular concrete kuno….BASAGIN, PUKPUKIN, DURUGIN na yan….para mag kaalaman na….

  37. hi gboy,
    among the list of treasures (above), is there anything located in samal island (davao city)?

  38. Hera,

    yes, we have a treasure map of whole samal island…buried sites and shipwrecks. In 1990’s my team mates survey a japs mini submarine, containing 64 boxes. They hauled one box containing white metal bars, they thought it was just silver they throw it away bcoz their target are gold bars, later on they realized it could be platinum bars. After a month when they already had fund for 2nd diving attempt…the japs sub was empty…according to fisherfolks, japs tourist dive in that area for more than 2 weeks….months later a first class resort was built in the area…it was Floriendo’s beach resort.
    There is an underwater cave entrance with treasure stockpile in rock cliff areas, alin dun…thats your assignment to know….oks?

  39. Gboy,

    boss i am Dave from Panabo. baka pwede mo ma share sa akin ang treasure map mo sa Samal Is.? may prospect kasi kami dun, it will be a big help to us if you share with us ur goods, heres my email add xxxb_dxxx@yahoo.com tnx

  40. guys, coments lng po, wg n kau mghanap ng subra, kht kunti lng ayos n un, ska tumingala dn kau minsan para kau mpagbigyan

  41. Dave,
    Ang laki2 ng nakabaon treasure dyan sa Panabo…pupunta ka pa sa ibang lugar…hanapin mo yan nandyan lang yan sa tabi2.

    BTW, am retired of YTH….kasi…SECRET. Anyways kayo naman mga bagets ang magpatuloy. BYE.

  42. hi po.Please helpe me. naawa na ako sa parents ko kasi worried sila sa mga hapon na palaging nagdive sa beach namin at gusto pa nilang pumasok dun sa dead creek na may nagtriangle na bamboo at meron din na traingle na bato sa tabi ng malaking patay na puno at merong din square na bato na ayaw ipagalaw ng parents ko kung walang scanner.maraming ng lumapit sna gusto magdig gusto nilang scanner.matulong niyo ba kami?sign na ba ito?
    thanks….. email me at yunho_pia@yahoo.com

  43. Yunnie,
    Pagkakataon nyo na yan, pagkayo maghanap mahihirapan pa kayo… hayaan nyo ang japs magdive at hanapin ang treasure kasi alam nila ang diskarte dyan…pagnakuha nila ang treas, saka nyo kumpiskahin, kasi dayuhan lang sila eh, korek? Yong iba kasi binubulabog, wrong move, hayaan nyo muna kunin nila at saka nyo kumpiskahin…oks ba?

  44. salamot po.pero parang malabo parin eh.madami kasi silang source dito.bukas pupunta kami doon hahanap nalng ako ng mga marks sa bato.pwede po pa send ng signs&meaning.kahit sign lang.gusto ko rin makatulong eh!tnx po
    email ko po yunho_pia@yahoo.com

  45. good morning gboy my scanner kami na gamit e pakita ko sa u yung na scan namin sa dagat,ano email add mo e send ko sa u ang copy sa scaning

  46. gboy
    musta pare puede makuha ko yong
    no. mo or email mo confedencial
    sana baka puede tayo magtulungan.
    kailangan mo rin ang tulong sa
    sierra madre diba.
    salamat pare ingat

  47. gary…hi…im interested sa na-scan nyo…perhaps we can share notes…kung ok lang syo…if not ok lang din..thanks

  48. Gary email me about your 999 trees (auapo@yahoo.com)
    i do know little knowledge about codebreaking.

  49. boyscout…. u gave me an advice in relation to my querry about the trunk, you mentioned that if the trunk cannot be lift by 4 people then there is something in it, i already called up my brother in law & he told me that the trunk is so huge that cannot be lift even by 6people. ill give you more infos later.

  50. good day, guys, alam ko exact location ng artificial d2 s amin, here in southern mindanao, baka pwede nyo ako matulungan, txt or call me cell #09263294521

  51. gboy,
    umuwi ako sa province upang asikasuhin ang lupa namin . dahil sa matagal nakong di nakakauwi cguro mga 30 yrs na. may nabanggit akin ang mga tiyuhin ko tungkol sa treasure na may cave daw na may bantay na ahas sin bilog ng drum. meron dun na sapa katabi lang ng dagat na nung ma wash out ang sapa ng bagyong frank ay lumitaw ang isang sementadong parte ng sapa na nasa 5 to 7 meters wide, sabi ng tito ko d2 nako tumanda ngayon ko lang nakita itong semento . may dala akong sample ng semento gusto ko malaman how to date this rock pra ma validate naman ang edad ng semento . meron pang dalawang suspected sites ng trasure one is of the spaniards kc mga banga at ang isa ay cemented crate na nahukay ng matibag ay umusok ang kulay puti kayat sa takot ay tinabunan ulit ito ng lupa. what do you think? klangan ba namin ng financier ? gusto naming maka cgurago lalo sa scanner.

  52. Noli,

    Seguruhin nyo muna kung man made concrete yan or ordinaryong bato, pag man made, sunugin nyo muna ngmatagal, pag brittle na ang semento, basagin nyo…2 lang posible mangyari, MAY LAMAN O WALA, oks?

  53. ser gboy, ask ko lang about sa descovered q turtle man made,under forest canal covered of many big cract stones.ano pong ibig sabihin ng sign na e2??sana po makapagbigay kayo ng kahulugan ng sign na e2 tanks and god bless!!!

  54. Gboy,
    I am shock about the exchanges nyo ky FOK….ang yabang naman dayuhan na yan….asking for info in the guise of political journalist bla bla bla tapos ganun magsalita. It’s good you screw him off right away.

    By the way I’m in the visayas area & neophyte in d quest for a gold hunt…just wanted to know if there are hidden treasures left in particular sa Bohol island…let me know your cp# if it’s positive..thanks a lot.


  55. im here in caraga region and i need honest financer in my treasure prosfect, kaliwat ko ni dagohoy, bol anon dako pero wise, nia mey locator-magnetic unya kulang lang ug pinanser. daghan mey or ako nga area nga prospect mapa bohol man ug caraga. txbk now!

  56. for you gboy naa koy daghan nahibaw an sa bohol nga area mao ni ako cp no.09203269028. kasaligan kaha ka?

  57. dcat,mornin f kursunada u to meet me dri lng ampayon ky nag work man gud ko dri magnolia,taguibo basin madismis ta xa work angin lang ug treasure.maintenance q dr para mbuhi lng aq family 2a sa mabini,bohol ug 2a daghn dad2 nga propect nmo.tnx 4 reply ha

  58. kalaheo, taga saan po ba kayo, we dont need heavy equip. kasi mabulabug ang prospect nga lugar dba? i only need ls finance and meet u in personal here in ampayon,bc.

  59. to all 3sure hunters, mrami akong nalalaman about some sites of suspected 3sure ww2 like djakarta tunnel-somewere n davao naghanap sila ng buyer ng gold bar at sabi ng friends k yon tinakpan ang kanyang mata pagdating sa sites at nkita nia ang tatlong six-by na puno ng gold bars,platinum,gems,fretty soaf ets.maraming nagbantay na kapitbahay at ang may ari at na priso daw noong panahon ni marcos dahil sa 4 na example na gold bar at d siya binigyan ng pera…non…

  60. dcat, kung gusto mo at mag pinance dito lang muna i challence u here my isa kaming site dito na hindi natapos tungod ky nabardown ky walay timber i think duha ka dupa kapin ni ug walay pinancing mao nastop muna.my locator ang pinsan ko dito made in new zealand easy to carry at gold tester lang dili mkadetect ug puthaw.mkalocate ni 100 up under da ground. nakatood ko diha sa bohol ang lying lady mountain ug horse cave malapit lang sa aming bahay sa mabini.naka uli ko diha last june 1 sa mabini 1 week lng at1st bday sa baby ko at ang locator namin dinala.nkalocate me dha 12 prospect area with sign,turtle sing at ect.mga 3 meters by 2 kalapad amoa gilevel murag 3 kdupa. amoa lang gitiman-an sunod pagbalik namo diha kabuton. 2a sad sa surigao ang crocodle cave dcat,sabi ng kasamahan ko sa work natakot daw sila ng pumasok pinokpok daw ang sign pagkatapos parang may umahon sa tubig at nagtakbohan sila.

  61. gboy, sabi ng kasama ko sa work may nakita sila n mga bato na pinapile pormang malaking piramide may tatlong puno by side hindi pa namin nalocate at pinontahan ano kaya yon? andon naba ang things na hinanap nila?

  62. dcat, ari n diri ba ky personal lng ta mag s2rya. nagtx dw u nk gabii,wl ko dri x boardhauz ky shifting nm x work. try to call me cp now im here.

  63. to all guys, andon sa surigao ang isa sa malaking barko ng japan na tumaob at doon sa open sea. nagkarga ng mga toli-tolinadang ginto,palaging sinisib yan hanggang ngayon.

  64. evning gboy, may tanong lang ako kung malaking volume na nakatago makapal ba ang concrete cement din? katulad sa nakuha mo sa tanaka t. nahirapan ba kayo..? tanks…!

  65. i have an info that an official of province in Lallo cagayan is operating for treasure hunting. its that true?

  66. gboy,

    I had a possible site for a buried japanese treasue. It was scanned by a detector and the result was positive 60ft. deep
    of pure gold .But the three man team who surveyed the area did not came back i had an information that the psychic member was missing , the one who handle the detector got sick and died of pneumonia and the third member did not answer my calls as if he is not interested anymore. wish you could help me.


  67. smb

    i was 12 yrs. old when five japanese came to our town ask for a certain place ,the old one is holding some kind an animal skin but to no avail they cant the place because the town is highly urbanized ,establishments, and buildings were abundant a few years before news came that a resident accidenttaly dug a goldware will digging a hole for a septic then 12 years later rumors that a highly known department store dug a coffin full of gold in their prospected site in our town. My aunt is a fortune teller using cards she said that their is gold in our land, im fond of fortune telling so i tried other famous fortune tellers and the results were the same .
    my relative whose a treasure hunter visit our place and i tell him to detect our land for a possible gold , he had this gold detecting device, he said that there is .
    he said he cant finance the escavation because he is funding other escavations in an island across our town.
    hope your enlightened and scanned our place if it is true.


  68. dcat,

    its confidential because ive herd people are killed and their families for this treasure i wish its only gossip


  69. VXS,

    If the hunters didn’t came back…it only mean one thing your treasure site is negative, usually a detectorist will not tell you honestly if your site is negative kasi nakakahiya sabihin sa inyo lalo …they will simply not return back….

    Do not believe on furtune teller…marami na nalaspag na diggers sa manghuhula. Kung magaling ang manghhula, subukan mo pahulaan ang kulay ng brief mo, pag nahulaan nya, magaling yan…as simple as that.

  70. gboy,

    ok your right but if i will tell the story about this place from my late grandfather you will never set foot in this place
    but never mind tnxs for the advice.


  71. All,

    If you want caves, tunnels, and treasures visit “PAWIKAN” mountain at San Joaquin , Iloilo.

    Happy hunting.

  72. i am rolando sales a treasure hunter here in Phllipines.
    i need some assistance to my project.
    if theirs a person who will interested.
    i have some photo and evedince.
    contact me in this number +63916826657 / +639166057406 /
    +639225874819 mr rolando sales

    thank you very much…….

  73. CRL,

    I don’t have any scanner….we don’t dig…our priority treasure sites are those caves/tunnel full of treasures that have been accidentally seen by local natives, all we have to do is relocate or reexplore these caves/tunnel again, the only difficulty is its located inside mountaneous jungle.

  74. hi bgoy,

    Si Ask ko lang dyan sa map mo meron ba dyan location dito sa montalban rizal at san mateo rizal. tnx po kasi ang dame dito nag treasure pero wala naman me mabalitaan na nakahit dito tnx.

  75. Gboy,

    ang nakita ko lang na nahukay nila ay isang lumang owner na nabaon at sinasabing owner daw ng japon anu ba ibig sabihin nito at siguro mga ilang sako ng bala ng garan daw kung tawagin tnx po.concern lang kasi me kasi nag kakabutas butas na ang lupa namin hehehe pero mga kilalang tao na nag operate dito at nag finace ay may position sa goverment natin.

  76. hello guys good day,
    we have our operation as of now in toril davao city in mindanao phils.island…but not yet started due we are now still looking for our foriegn frends who can help us in our operation in toril davao city…this is the BASE CAMP of GENERAL NAKAHARA…they called this site a”LITTLE TOKYO”the land owner of this site is one of my frend….we have a living witness of this site and a map came from one of the junior officer of general nakahara”CAPT.YOSHIDA”….one the the living witness of this site(tatay sabas)accidentally found a hole in this site near the small creek..he got puzzle in his mind whats inside on that hole,thats why he started knowing it….he use a torch and a mini flashlight with 3 batteries to light up inside the hole.when he is already at the stimated deep of 25 feet from the top soil ground,he found out that it is a tunnel.he use and tied a rope in going down inside the tunnel….when he reach on the main ground of the tunnel he got shock,he saw 5 trucks inside the tunnel 3 of those trucks is still covered with canvass and the 2 trucks has none,we expect that it was already depodited in the room…he saw also 4 by 8 meters concrete cement with japanese characters,we called that one in filipino terms”LAPIDA”on left side of the tunnel,he saw also died skulls and a swords of japanese army who also die during that execution…..anyone who is interested in our project here in davao city…..you can contact me directly thru my cp nunber.09072580262/09128607994,or you can e mail e at:jojo_zwest@yahoo.comtnx

    jojo davao city

  77. I am interested in TH. am now South Africa but I wanted to have a copy of Treasure map in Cebu city or Mindanao especially in Agusan del Norte to Surigao City. Anyone can help is highly appreciated.

  78. first we are already reache 30ft deeps and had encountered spring of water mixed with ala bunker oil with yellow wish liquid. and then a floor cemment 1foot thick with a big round hole at the center with a small crack sprang the yellow wish substance with the oil and eventually combine with the water that constantly supply to the dig area. after further digging we encountered about 1 ft plus of sand and then another thick of cement 1ft. after breaking again cement we encountered muddy substance which is very foul odor. then 3rd cement we encountered mixture of cyanide then we succesfully remove the cynide after how many days of flushing the water from the design supply we encountered now sands again and with big seashells now its always raining in the vicinity so we are waiting for the rain to calm down and continuesly discharging the water from hole by pumping it out… Anyone i need your advance opinion regarding the posible result of our project, 1.)are we nearing?? 2.)why is it that a battery flashlight cannot light on when we use it down below work area ? 3.) why is it everytime we use camera and cellphone near the entrance of the hole it gets malfunction and totally malfunction cannot be use anymore, even in the early stage before we encountered, observe the combination of oil and yellow wish liquid?

    pls. need your help/opinion!!!

  79. I’m interested about this treasure hunting.
    I found a rock that has a foot carved on it and the side of it is a heart.what do you think?
    At curious then ako sa Samal.Ano sa palagay nyo?

  80. Gboy

    Ask ko lang if may alam ka tungkol sa ISLAND GARDEN CITY OF SAMAL ,MINDANAO.
    marami kasi akong naririnig tungkol sa mga treasure hunting sa Samal.


  81. Thunder,

    There are lots of treasure sites in Samal island…we have a map on that. In 1980’s my friend had treasure target on Samal island, a mini submarine with 64 boxes of platinum on it. They operated the mini submarine just 1 kilometer from the shoreline of samal island. When they run out of budget, they left the island, when they came back 2 weeks later, to their dismay the hatch cover of mini submarine was already on the shoreline. They ask some fishermen, what happened to their mini submarine project…the fisherman told them that when they left, some japanese tourist dive the site for one week with cooperation of Floriendo….years later Floriendo beach resort…was built….and it became ISLAND GARDEN CITY OF SAMAL….rest is history.

  82. GARY

    yeah~I know that story.nabasa ko sa isang site.
    parang alam ko saan banda yang sinasabi mo at parang hindi na floriendo yung ginagamit.Im not that sure about it.

    Do you know Ayala?who owns that little Island.
    May nakita kasi akong bato sa samal na biniak siya tapos binalik uli.parang puzzle yung pagkakaayos.tapos may mga markings din sa mga paligid.nagtanong na rin ako sa mga tao dun raw huminto yung mga hapon.I mean parang campsite nla.marami ding mga hapon ngddive dun.

    At sabi nyo may map kayo sa samal,pwede nyo p bang ishare kung saan banda?please.salamat po.

  83. Boi,

    In ancient China…tey put black sand/coal/charcoal or uling the tomb of their Emperor, maybe its preservatives or something…like the way we put charcoal or uling on our ref.

    It may also contain gold dust. In some instances some treasure hunter recovered buried drums which contain black sand…they throw it away, they realized its the treasure already bcoz it contain gold dust from the mine…meaning its high grade gold ore….

  84. hi,ask lng sana me,taga cebu kami province,ano pwd gawin f yung target mo nasa ilalim ng cave na may tubig,mey nakita kasi kami na mga markings na turtle sa loob,

  85. gboy,
    thanks for your prompt reply.anyway,i have one last question for you.last 4-5 years ago naghukay ang uncle ko.inuutosan siya ng pinsan ko para ibaon ang tatlong sako ng dumi ng aso.pagdating ng breast level he wasnt able to continue digging na kasi matigas na raw.sabi niya itim na cemento.kaya hanggang doon nalang siya naghukay at ibinaon na nya ang dumi.kami po nagtataka kasi farm area naman yon.ngayon hinukay namin uli eh hindi na namn nakita ang sako.ang tanong ko mawawala ang bagay na yan? or andyan lang yon kami lang ang nawala?

  86. Lorraine,
    Post picture of your alleged turtle….baka odd shape stone lang yan eh.


    nandyan lang yan sa tabi2 nakabaon at walang kinalaman yan sa TH or engkanto…o kaya bumili na lang kayo ng sako sa tindahan ng bigas, oks?

  87. 2004 we accidentally dug up a treasure site on my small farm here in pangasinan it composed of different kind of stone marker.i dont know what this mean.i just stop digging coz worried bad things might happened.I know nothing about TH one my diggers told me this thing that we found this treasure site. 3 triangular stones,a face of a man,hearth,a foot all carved in stone and a much more bigger triangular shape of stone with a cut on a left side that formed into a stair way.pls enlighten me on this. can e-mail me florentinobauzon2009@yahoo.com

  88. Hi guys..

    ahm, I know a site..it was checked with scanners..on the site of the lot.. i know the owner of the lot.. there was this hole..they tried to check how deep is the hole and will close it up.. but when they checked it with a bamboo of about10ft in lenght.. it just went thru!!.. if any one would like to help in operating the site.. just email me.. i’ll get you in touch with the owner.. cru200099@yahoo.com thanks guys! 🙂

  89. hi,

    i think ung ilalim ng house nmin may treasure,.. d2 kami sa davao..

    kasi napagitnaan ung house nmin ng dalawang tunnel i think 700m apart ung tunnel

    tas, bago kami tumira d2,parang gubat pa, may mga uling sa lupa mga 1980’s pa un..

    alam ko kung nasan ung dalawang tunnel, ung isa hindi mo na makikita ngaun kasi lubog na sa tubig, pwera nalang kung mag el nino. kasi nasa gilid xa sa may parang sapa.,, tas, kung mag el nino man, eh, sigurado, napuno na ung ng mga lupa ang loob,. tas ung isa sa may skul. at kasi nadebelop na ung lugar dun. kaya ndi ko na alam 🙂 🙂


    na aliw ako don sa patutsadahan ni gboy at ung journalist…hahahahaha

    Anywayz, Sir gboy mayron’ kasi nkitang hugis turtle na gawa sa semento ang mga tito kong nangingisda sa isang malaking lawa sa amin(somewhere in Agusan del Sur).unfortunately, sinira na nila ung turtle kasai ngbakasakali sila na un na yon’…plz tel me ur comments regarding these.tnx

    mayron din kaming i operate isang falls na ang signs ay mga hugis bilog na bato na may maliit na arrow sa dulo ng X.

  91. i think that is unnatural and natural form of rocks or stone; masmabuti mong gawin kunin mo at pag-aralan ang mga nakasulat, kung malinaw ang pagkakatatak sa bato may posibilidad na treusure sign nga yan; alam ko na malawak ang kaalaman mo sa computer kaya pwede kang maghanap ng kasagutan sa japanese website… yan lang ang maipapayo ko sayo sana magtagumpay ka

  92. i have some pics signs that leads to somewhat they called treasure that burried by the japs here in the phils. our problem is that we found the area bt some of the digns were missing so maybe the best way to find this things is by the use of some so called detectots… Your sincere response will higly be appreciated.

  93. i have some pics signs that leads to somewhat they called treasure that burried by the japs here in the phils. our problem is that we found the area bt some of the digns were missing so maybe the best way to find this things is by the use of some so called detectors… Your sincere response will higly be appreciated.

  94. may kaibigan akong treasure hunters dito sa doña rosario tubay agusan del norte, me gamit siyang locator lahat ng na locate niya na site puro possitive ang problema lang ay ang lalim.. kung interesado ka na ma locate yang area just call me or reply on this blog

  95. Ricky,

    LOCATOR (electronic/dowsing) is one of the most inaccurate tool in treasure hunting with an average of 1% accuracy only (tsambahan lang). If you based your TH diggings on this locator…99% your site is doomed. Thats why mining,archeologist or geophysicist doesn’t use LOCATOR tool in locating gold bcoz its INACCURATE….If you don’t believe us, ask those THr who went bankrupt, most likely they use these locator.

  96. pede ask???

    may nahukay kc kaming bato sa ibabaw ng falls na shape heart xa tas kung titingnan mo sa ilalim pa xa kulay blue tas pag labas kulay puti na xa……

    nakuha namin tong heart na to sa munting falls sa ibabaw ng malaking falls

    tas pagkakuha namin namin n2 (parang nakahanger lang sa ilalim,,pag tinitira namin ng bara ung ilalim ng bato parang uma-alog kaya natakot mga kasamahan ko kc wala kaming dalang lubid,baka raw mahulog kami sa ilalim)
    d na muna kami bumalik kc natabunan na ng mga bato ung hukay namin..bumaha kc..

    nakakuha rin kami ng parang paa (in bisaya lapa-lapa)

    ang falls pala na 2 ay nasa aming lupa……

    sa may baba ng fall my nakita kaning x mark..
    sa gilid ng falls ay may maliit na tunnel(dati nakakapasok ang tao sa loob ngaun kunti nalang naiwan natabunan ng lupa)

    eto drawing…

    (sensya na d ako masyado marunong magdrawing sa computer)
    (f may d kau naintindihan reply lang or email me)
    side view

    front view

    top view

    hanap sana ako financer or direct buyer ng lupa namin
    (ayun sa mapa na hawak namin big deposits daw and2
    kaya 5m price n2 ^^ may tawad pa naman…….)

    sa mapa pala….

    kita din dun ung 2 manggo tress na katugma ng falls na 2
    (sa amin din pala nakasakop tong may 2 mango trees)
    (signs n2 na nakuha lumang mga plato ung may tatak pang dragon sa ilalim kaso nakalimutan ko na kung ilan ung nakitang plato ask ko tatay ko……..)

    f interested plzz contact me nalang

  97. Sa mga sites listed above, is there any that are located in Marinduque. We have info that part of the land the clan owns contains some of these commodities. Thanks.

  98. FOK ~

    You are correct in your assessment of GBoy, but you are wrong about large volume WWII loot sites remaining in the Philippines.


  99. FOK ~

    I couldn’t agree more with you about your opinion of GBoy, but you are going to have great difficulty obtaining what you are asking for. Those who do not know talk a lot, those who do know do not talk. Loose lips sink ships.


  100. hi everyone..

    I was just curious because the sites that were listed above did not include some of the sites here in my province that were claimed by people who possessed their maps to contain some of the big loots of the Japanese Imperial Army

  101. sir gboy ,im from surigao, could you give me an advice kung ano ang pwedi namin gawin sa site namin may na encounter kami na malaking bato pormang kamay sa patoloy paghukay hanggan 6 feet may poison gas kaming na encounter 10 feet may malapad na cement one meter ang kapal sa ibabaw may roon letter B at diamond sign.ano ang ibig sabihin nito at ano ang pang nuetralize sa poison gas please give me an info

    thanks GOD BLESS U

  102. para ma nuetralize nimo ang poison gas buhosan monang gasolina at sindihan para ma wala ang poison. malapit na ang butang nga imong gepangita. GOOD LUCK

  103. kami dri sa agusan sege pah gehapon og kalot pamasin nga makaloy-an, wala man gud mo finance, daghan sab me mga site dre puro possitive sa locator

  104. While traveling through Japan we heard a lot about Tomoyuki Yamashita but we did unfortunately not see any museum displaying his treasures.

  105. my great grandfather left me an old LAM SHADE with many symbols around it.. in our place in bohol near our house, there were so many unexplored caves . txt 090868

  106. gboy,
    i really believe in you
    please help me i want to know about sign and markings regarding the japs treasure i had sign in our area. email me at jinfers_foxx22@yahoo.com dako gyud kau imo makatabang sa amo..lalo na po yong meaning ng mga sign..salamat po

  107. im living here in surigao.our barangay was called motorpool because during world war 2 it was a motorpool of the japanese imperial army. i think theres a possible tresure in this area,in a nearby area a school was built by japanese government.

  108. sir,
    naa me nakuhang sign square may butas sa gitna may arrow tapus my ketter na f r 35 79, ano po interpretation nito.

  109. I left Philippines in 2001 at that time di pa masyadong nag treasure hunting not I know where I live anyway but now marami na raw na-ubusan ng pera dahil sa kaka gastos ng pag digging na wala na man nakuha. Did anyone knows anybody had gotten success and found gold? It seems it’s a very expensive hobby at marami na yatang naluluko.

  110. ran puede mo ako tawagan or txt 09177183057 taga Bohol pod ko sia ko CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY NAA KO SATILITE SCANNER

  111. according to japs code…square  with circle sa gitna or butas is a good sign…treasure na yan…yang 35 at 79…yan na ang laman sa treasure

  112. we have a living parson who can testify that a group of japanese imparial army have hidden a steel box of au in their land,, he cshow to us some lod maps and signs.. is ther any person whom i can trust to scan or help us with this items… pls email me: jcaj_aguilar@yahoo.com

  113. AU inthusiast
    lately one of our prospects site was scaned by hired people using OKM scanner 50 x5000 it was found out that there is really item found base on the scanning result,, but unfortunately the people who operates the OKM scanner did not gave us printed out of the result..we only jot down what result they show to us..I s thert anyone could help us with these.. dont hesitate to contact me.. 09177084896 thank & God Bless Us All..

  114. Hello,

    Ask ko lang poh what is the meaning of the “15 lonely tomb in Wao”? Can you give locations and description. Thanks

  115. Good Day GBoy.. nakakaubos ng ganda, pacensya at pera ang TH. We have a suspected site in Toril, Davao City in a residential area (near coast). We have positive scan and so we started digging. First, we have unearthed small stone shaped like a human heart. few feet more we unearthed file of wooden slabs yellowish in color in between 3 medium sized stones in triangular position. The wooden slabs were intact and not rotten despite being buried in soil. Next we unearthed another wooden object, this time shaped like a human palm/hand (open). We also unearthed 2 big stones that were shaped like human heads/face. The other one looks like the face of Buddha (chinky eyes, smiling, plumpy cheeks and bald). We stopped the operation because aside from running out of financing, the neighbors are already complaining to the local authorities that their deep wells are going dry because the water pressure was directed towards our hole. Questions: Were those unearthed objects leading us to treasure? Are we on the right track? or shall we just charge it to stupidity? Thank you if you could help me clarify this. My email is augustgem_201@rocketmail.com

  116. Good day to all. Ask ko lang po baka matulungan nyo ako kung anu po meaning nito

    Δ A.F.+LS.

    This letter is written in Big stone and at the back of stone is a tunnel.
    May napansin din po akong maliit na bato na may apat na square at letter na nakasulat.

    “P/C” na nakaturo sa south na tinatayuan ng bahay ng kaibigan ko.

    Plss help me. Thank you. Fudgemorata@gmail.com

  117. Hi Gboy,

    Where you got your information about Luban? how do you know the metal was buried by 1000 man? How can you support you theory that another vault is under the sea?

    Please let me know… I am working in that place for over 3 years now and found many tunnels. Send me email we chat and i send picture proving.


  118. magandang hapon po mga sir, mayron po kaming site na ang mga sign ay pako sa malaking puno na naka turo sa malaking balite at sa gilid ng balite may malaking clamp at sa tabi lang ng clamp na yon may nabuksan kaming close cave. pag pasok ng uncle ko doon malawak na na may tubig sa loob na malalim. tatanong ko lang po baka may alam kayo kong saan banda naka lagay ang object. salamat po.

  119. ask ko lang poh kc my napasok akong tunnel zigzag.kelangan gumapang papasok ng tunnel n un at pag dating ko 10 meters away mula sa labas maluwang sa loob..at my bentilation…den nakakuha ako ng artifact na anubis dog…anu pwede kong gawin para ma verify kung how much ung value nya…

  120. ano po ibig sabihin ng sleeping turtle na may X sa likod niya. ng hinukay namin hanggang 8feep nakita namin cemento. binakbak namin ang cement hanggang 27 feet wala parin kaming makita. ang nakikita namin puro gold dash lang white gold at gold ang nakikita namin yung giniling na gold ang nakikita namin

  121. sir yan na yung treasure lagyan mo lang yan ng mercury para mabuo yung gold tapos tinawin mo yan at ihulma some of gold is in gold dust

  122. sir txt me 09429858920… saan ka po nakatira??? pwede po kita matulungan jan yung nakita mo na gold dust at white yan na yung treasure txt me nalang

  123. mam sayang po yung mga sign na nakuha nyo inalam nyo sana kung saan naka lagay at kung saan naka harap kasi meron yung mga meaning kung saan sila naka harap… txt me kung saan banda kau sa toril para matignan ko… 09429858920

  124. The Japanese Imperial Army in WW2 had chosen to hid most of their looted inside caves because it offers them the perfect shelter against Allied Forces who were chasing them.

  125. Hello good day to all,can anybody tell me if what is a kind of stone is this we found inside a cave and inside on it looks like a tunnel, it is cements color blue and it has many small pieces of stone colored gold glued on it. Before we encountered this kind of stone we encountered odorness in a first layer and a clay inside on it with a different color, and in a second layer we saw a circle cement that rounded with oily water and after we do some procedure to flow the water we continue digging and this is what we found a cements has colored blue that there is a small pieces of stone glued on it.Thanks and God bless us.

  126. Hello sir,could you give me and idea.base on your experience.what is the good one a deep locator gold and metal detector?

    many thanks and God bless us…

  127. gboy

    i would like to ask if is there a treasure in a place called monkayo in compostela province ?
    how about in bislig surigao del sur ?
    i have seen old three mango trees , they were planted along a small river
    ano po ibig sabihin ng mga puno na yan ?
    thank you , im waiting for you answers

  128. treasure site number 50. treasure of tagurano is located in davao city
    somewhere in mount apo . a place is named after the late general

  129. sorry, wala na po lahat yan…dahil audited na po lahat no need to find treasure time na po ng pagfile na maging beneficiries its already 3rd and last redemption apocalypsis revelation and declaration, kahit maghukay kayo makinang man yan pag benta nyo magbago , kc bumalik na lahat yan sa mother account! kahit mga keeper / account holder di na nila magagalaw pa maybe as keeper nakikita pa nila pero di na pwede nila galawin unless my basbas ng pinaglipatan ni FM as general keeper.

  130. Sa ngayon po kami ang inatasan magdokumento kahit po yan ay nakabaon o treasure o binubulabog kayo ng mga matatandang nagpapakita dahil sila po ay ang mga bantay na namatay na para po makabalik na sila sa taas kailangan madokumentuhan ang lugar na may laman bilang pagsusumite pinagkaloob sa inyo bilang huling lahi na pinagmanahan bahagi po yan ng kaakibat na pinautang sa 366 na bansa at ang physical ay dito sa pinas kaya po nasa kaganapan na po at hindi na kailangan hukayin kundi dokumentuhan ayon sa pagpasa ng dokumento sa inatasan para makinabang ay mga filipino , ang magdokumento ay mga inatasan para po malaman nyo na lahat yan ay nasa pangagasiwa na ng mga tinalaga dyan . ang dodokumentuhan namin para sa mga naging claimant sa lugar na may laman ay ang mga provincial director na inatasan sa mga lugar dahil magbenepisyo dyan ay lahat ng 145 million Filipinos. just text me at 09069687372 para makasunud kayo sa tamang kaganapan.

  131. may nahukay po sa bandang parang maguindanao ba yan o sultan kudarat kaso ang drum wala nang laman sa sobrang kalawang ituloy pa ba yun kasi parang may tunnel pa yata ang sa ilalim

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