I’ve been playing around with a site redesign for a couple of weeks now – I thought it was high time to give the site a revamp. The changes are mainly cosmetic, but I’d love to hear feedback from you if you see anything out of place.

If you have any comments and suggestions for the new SEAArch, do leave a comment as well!

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4 Replies to “Like the new look?”

  1. as good a time as any to leave a comment then!

    but i did want to say that my browser (safari) doesn’t display the site correctly. the main article is within the frames but previous articles tend to get shoved down out of the frames and don’t show up till after all the side bars have ended, ie, show up only at the bottom of the pages. i don’t know if it’s to do with safari itself since firefox displays the site correctly, or with wordpress (if that’s what you’re using). oddly, things were displayed correctly before this redesign.

    aside from that, it looks c-l-e-a-n. and i prefer the old banner with lots of colour. i speak for me of course, don’t know about anyone else.

  2. thanks for the feedback! hmm… i haven’t worked with safari before, will check that out later. hopefully i can find the time this week to tweak the settings. I decided to go for the cleaner look because i was pretty tired of the ipod-esque theme that i used for the good part of the site’s life. Perhaps I will keep this look for a couple of years

  3. safari for pc is available somewhere on the net. you can download it i’m sure and see if the site turns up wonky on it or not. however, i don’t know if it works the same way as it does on my mac but it shouldn’t be too far off.

    but don’t worry, it’s not a big thing, and i know how busy you are. i’ll just use firefox then to view the site, simple solution!

  4. oh! duuuhhh…. i just noticed after i’d written the above comment. sorry! did you do something to tweak the settings? it displays properly now. great work!

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