I’ve just discovered an archaeology site called Past Horizons that hosts an online store for archaeological equipment and also a worldwide database for fieldwork opportunities. There are currently two archaeology fieldwork projects listed for Southeast Asia: one in Cambodia and one in Thailand.

Khmer Project in Cambodia
19 Nov Update: I sent an email query to them asking for more information, but none was received. Have been waiting for about 10 days now.

Origins of Angkor

For more information, click on the links, which will take you to the Past Horizons site. You can also click on the picture to take you to the Past Horizons site where you can search for archaeology fieldwork opportunities around the world.

Do you have any fieldwork opportunity in Southeast Asia? If you do, send me an email so that I can also share it here on SEAArch!

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3 Replies to “Archaeology Fieldwork opportunities in Cambodia and Thailand”

  1. I am student of Institute of Archaeolgy from Delhi. please give responce regarding that i can participate your field work. I have Experince of Indian Archaeologcal feild work about 3 years

  2. Hello,I´m Jorge Otero from Spain. I´m finishing this year my studies of Archaeological Conservation(3 years + 1Year “Practicum” ) and at the end of it I have to do my practice(Internship) for finishing my degree. I want do the practice in an archaeological museum, laboratory or in excavation for an umlimited period (always in the conservation field).I ‘m interesting to do the practice in thailand , cambodia , laos… because I feel attracted to this culture and want to try this adventure.anyone know where can I find what I ask?.thanks

  3. I really hate the current situation here in Thailand. It affects my sales, my life and and and. When is it going to stop…

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