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You might have heard of Nias Island from the 2004 tsunami, where it was hit hard because of its location near North Sumatra. The Museum Pusaka Nias, or the Museum of Nias Heritage has a blog. Although last updated in Feb 07, it still has quite a few articles dating back to 1986 (although concentrated over the last two years). The site is in Bahasa Indonesia, though, and from what I can gather it has updates about its collections as well as the reconstruction of the museum. Nias Island is particularly known for its megaliths.

Museum of Nias Heritage

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  1. Thank you for writing about the Nias Museum website. We want to inform you that the address of The Nias Museum website is http://www.museum.pusaka-nias.org and also http://www.museum-nias.org. We hope that the website URL address of the Museum of Nias, which was made in this blog, can be repaired.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

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    Webmasters the Nias Museum website

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