Prehistoric settlements uncovered in Sri Lanka

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Archaeological excavations in the northern district of Jaffna have uncovered evidence for ancient settlements dating to the first millenium BC. I like how they referred to one of the settlement as belonging to the ‘ironic’ ages. My guess it was just after a mercurial era. =P

Ancient settlements unearthed in Jaffna
Sri Lanka Daily News, 15 October 2009
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Maritime museum allows archaeologists to work and visitors to admire at the same time

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The Beijing Review has an article about the ongoing excavations at the Nanhai No. 1 wreck, recovered off the coast of China’s Guangdong province. The amazing aspect of this shipwreck recovery is that the entire shipwreck, silt and all, was relocated to a purpose-built museum which allows archaeologists to work on recovering finds and visitors to watch at the same time.

Treasures From a Watery Grave
Beijing Review, 22 October 2009
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Some of the earliest evidence for Islam in Southeast Asia

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A beach strewn with Islamic tombstones in Indonesia’s Acheh province, uncovered the devastating 2004 tsunami, shed light on the spread of Islam into the region. The tombstones date as early as the 10th century and are some of the earliest evidence for the spread of the religion into Southeast Asia.

Aceh tombstones hint Islam spread to S.E. Asia 3 centuries earlier
Kyodo News, 16 October 2009
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