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Archaeological excavations in the northern district of Jaffna have uncovered evidence for ancient settlements dating to the first millenium BC. I like how they referred to one of the settlement as belonging to the ‘ironic’ ages. My guess it was just after a mercurial era. =P

Ancient settlements unearthed in Jaffna
Sri Lanka Daily News, 15 October 2009

Archaeological excavations have unearthed remains of ancient human settlements in Vadamarachchi East area, Archaeology Director General, Dr. Senarath Dissanayake said.

“We have found evidence of three old human settlements in these areas. They have spread over an area covering nearly three kilometres and are vitally important to prove the historical background of Jaffna peninsula”, he said.

“We have also found clay pots of varied colours depicting the time frame. They will help archaeologists to determine the era of their usage. They are believed to have belonged to the years between the beginning of BC and upto 900 BC. However, we can’t say exactly what era these settlements belong to, the Director General said.

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  1. You’re mistaken, the lesser known ironic age (known for the invention of Monty Python) came right after the stoned age, famous for the Woodstock settlement! 😉

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