1-metre gold necklace among finds from Cebu

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An excavation in Cebu, Philippines, conducted by the University of San Carlos has unearthed the remains of a female buried with gold jewellery. Other rare discoveries include a powder box that may have been used for betel nuu chewinng. The find is dated to the start of the 16th century and may confirm Cebu’s position as a gold-trading partner with China before colonisation by the Spaniards.

Boljoon Church
photo credit: Cheonsa

Rare gold jewelry finds in Boljoon town
Cebu Daily News, 02 April 2008

More gold, more puzzles from Boljoon
Cebu Daily News, 02 April 2008
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Archaeological Fieldwork in Cebu, Philippines


08 November 2007 (Philippine Inquirer) – Anyone interested in fieldwork in Cebu? The National Museum and the Committee on Sites, Relics and Structures of the Cebu Provincial Government is looking for volunteers for an investigation on a site in Bantayan Island in North Cebu from mid-November to early December. You’ll have to read all the way to the end of the article for details about the fieldwork.

Mangyan in Cebu
By Joeber Bersales

No need to climb the steep and cold mountains of Mindoro to get a glimpse of the culture of one of the last four indigenous groups in the country that still use the syllabary (or baybayin) that antedates the Spanish colonial period by centuries. Well, not just yet. The Mangyan Heritage Center (MHC) and the University of San Carlos (USC) Museum opened yesterday a traveling exhibit entitled “The Mangyans of Mindoro: Myth and Meaning” – and admission is absolutely free.

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