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Gold jewelery in an archaeological dig is always great news, but it’s the context of the find that gives us a greater understanding of the past. Gold jewelery found in a burial ground near the Boljoon Church in Cebu tells us something about the mortuary practices of the past – this practice was stopped with the arrival of the Spaniards. I wonder why – perhaps they wanted the gold for themselves? Read a related story about the Cebu digs here.

Boljoon Church
photo credit: Cheonsa

Church digging yields gold jewelry

Manila Bulletin, 17 April 2009

Local townsfolk used to share stories about the town plaza as a burial ground during the Spanish era. The stories were not taken seriously, especially by the younger generation, until diggers recently discovered centuries-old skeletons near the Boljoon Church.

Diggers from the National Museum and the University of San Carlos socio-anthropological department explored the church plaza and discovered gold jewelry, antique jars and plates, and 39 centuries-old skeletons, proving claims of townsfolk that rich Cebuanos there during the 15th century.

“The town plaza could be a burial ground for affluent families in the 15th century based on the way the skeletons were dressed and with the jewelry and antique that surrounded them,” said Jojo Bersales, Cebu province’s consultant on heritage and museum affairs.

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