Massive statue found at Ta Prohm

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From Heritage Watch, a massive damaged statue of a Buddha has been unearthed from the roots of a tree near the east entrance of Ta Prohm (commonly known as the Tomb Raider temple).

Buddha statue found near Ta Prohm, Heritage Watch Oct 2011

Full story at Heritage Watch.

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Ta Prohm takes on a new name?

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This would not be a surprise to you if you’ve visited Angkor in recent years. The overgrown temple Ta Prohm is fast becoming referred to as the ‘Tomb Raider Temple’ or the ‘Angelina Jolie Temple’, due to the actresses’ filming a scene there. A Hindu leader recently called on the actress to use her influence to better protect the heritage of Angkor. Incidentally, Ta Prohm isn’t even the ancient name of the temple – its original name was Rajavihara.

An Old Tree in Ta Prohm
photo credit: macloop

Holy Jolie: Cambodian temple takes Angelina’s name
The Guardian, 25 November 2010
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Wednesday Rojak #66

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Catching up on a month’s worth of rojak, so some of the stories may be a little dated. Today’s assortment takes us to the ongoing culture war between Malaysia and Indonesia, the origin of the Komodo Dragon (no, it hasn’t gone to Malaysia), and Java Man’s eating habits (no, they didn’t eat at Malaysia either).
Orchestre de gamelan (Musées de Dahlem/Berlin)
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Wednesday Rojak #53 – Lego and archaeology


This edition of rojak is an eclectic mix of tantalizing speculations about the hobbit’s role in linguistics, videos from Java and lego archaeology.

78/365 - Boys will be boys
photo credit: kennymatic
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Wednesday Rojak #50: The Cambodian Dinosaur edition


Rojak turns 50! Not that it has been 50 weeks since I first started this since I’ve missed quite a few weeks due to travels or sheer forgetfulness -it’s more like one and a half years. This week, we feature quite a few stories from Southeast Asia like the Cambodian dinosaur found on the walls of Ta Prohm (first featured in an earlier rojak) as well as several related to the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birthday.

aizu evolution
photo credit: neys

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Wednesday Rojak #42

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It’s almost been a month since the last Wednesday Rojak, and that’s because I’ve been traveling quite heavily for the last three weeks because of the term break and some family matters. On the flip side, it also means that I’ve amassed a few stories for this week’s very belated edition of rojak! Beside visiting Borobudur and Angkor, we also have a closer look at some of the sites in the Philippines.

Fort San Pedro
photo credit: thumbbook
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Wednesday Rojak #34

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… the meanwhile edition. Meanwhile? Yes, while much of the focus this past two weeks have been about the inscribing of the new World Heritage sites (including George Town, Malacca and Preah Vihear), life goes on in other parts of Southeast Asia.

Lembu (13July)
photo credit: RabunWarna
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Tomb Raider temple to be restored

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Most visitors to Angkor would have already visited the site of Ta Prohm, the temple deliberately left overgrown with trees to preserve the sense of how the ancient complex of ruins was found in the 1800s. Local guides will also tell you that Ta Prohm’s claim to fame as one of the locations for Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider movie. The site is set to be restored by a team from India who, interestingly enough, will attempt to restore the temple without disturbing the trees that have taken root.

DSC 0972
photo credit: Darren On The Road

Temple tree
The Indian Express, 12 July 2008
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